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As I stated in my Welcome Web page I said I would start a personal column on life and all matters I see related from recent events in the world and my life. The plan is to put this on-line every Monday, give or take a day. After all I'm retired and working on my new career of my lifelong hobby in photography. And so I'm entitled to be either a little late or lazy some weeks. Ok, the rest of my life, but I'll work on that.

The cartoon? No photo? That's right. I kept this cartoon near my workstation at work as a message to people, especially managers and bosses, who wanted "to talk to me", meaning they wanted talk at me. I think many of you know the tune and the tone.

All the essays after January 2007 are available here, as is a list of all the opinion essays below. In addition you can find my news and opinion blog for other essays and comments on the news.

Columns by Years and Months

You can jump to specific years for posts with the links below.

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May Retirement Listening Rimzon Birds Lange
June A June Day Soraya Alt Tags People Why
Democracy America Patriotism Wild Geese And/Or
July Marijuana Driving Sports Thinking Greg
Review Life Life II Mr. Bush Fathers
August Gender Marriage Alone Politics Age
Emperor Not Aug. 21st Greg Career
September Birthday Thump Suicide Alone II Death
9/11 Myself 9/11 II Occam Thankful
October Trust Me Life B.W. Mr. Bush Natchwey Etta Baker
Mr. Bush DOD Lying Mr. Bush Art of Living Afghanistan
November Vacation <---- On Fall Break
December I'm back 2007 Plans Cashmere MySpace Year End
January New Year 1967 Retirement Passion/Guilt My Life
February Changes <---- Gone Until March
March Start News Iraq Stupidity Sense
April Smoking Scissors To George Rage Dogs
May Choice Iraq People Stuff Cereal Box
June Immigration Guns Lessors Iraq War Average
July Humanity Courts The past iPhone Iraq War
August Editorial Torture Dancing Poet The Draft
September Liberal Impeachment Secrecy Moderation We win
Patriotism Too Much The War To Bush Fear
October Be Human Losing ENDA Arguing Children
ENDA II Being Wrong Democracy One Vote ENDA III
November It's Time Risks ENDA IV Humanity Eagles CD
December Unknowns Walmart Winning Software
January Candidates Religion ENDA To George
February J Boylan Evils Spying Moments
March Obama Wonder Guns&NP's Where is The Draft
Freedom Editorials Patriotism Thoughts Impeachment
April US Economy NPCA Report Question Blame
May 2013?
June The Race History Floods Truth Activism
July Cellphones Betrayal Truth New Yorker Hiring
August Oxymoron Don't Money Pundits WalMart
September Vacation <---- On Fall Break
Can We? Drilling Useless I Useless II Stuck
October Patriots Hate
November One Word Coasts Service To Obama Money
December Wading F1 & Money End TSA Cellphones Big 3
January A sentence To Bush Expressing Palestine To Obama
February Long Road Congress Ms Petras Facebook Evolution
March Inheritance Politicians Bush Yrs Earmarks iForums
April Spammers Food Soapbox Trust Being Sorry
May Guns Newspapers Abortion Mr Bybee 7th Ave L
June Socialism Gitmo Deficits Fox Sports AARP
July Walmart Speech Wars Terrorists Relax
August Not Good Guns Truth Healthcare Protesters
Ugly Keep it RNC BS Get Real Nothing
September Smoking Blue Dogs Schools He Spoke Healthcare
Schools Afghanistan Levels Faith Funds Tennis
October Going <---- On Fall Break
Health Ins To Obama Money Crying Roads
November No Right Competition False Fear Arrogance Question
December Tribes Democrats Senators Betrayal Mr. Sparks
January Our Foot Truth Aristocracy Thinking Hostage
February Missing Super Bowl Arrogance Mr. Cheney 1979
March Oxymoron Guns I Thank You Starbucks Trust
Starbucks 2 Starbucks 3 Guns II June 10th Starbucks 4
April Clothes
May Wonder Absence Mariners Censorship Oil Spill
June Note <---- On Summer Break
July Been Away
August Promises Center
September Mariners Think Dear Dems GOP The Dems
October The Few Asking Seeing Obama Mistakes
I Voted For Sale Really
November To Obama Republicans PS Obama Thinking Afghanistan
December Not Better False Ideas JMO Moved <----
January Words&Facts Two Things Talk&Guns Bookstores People
Thank You SOTU
February Asking No is No It's Time
March Stupid 1 Big Hole Obama
April Voters A Trade Mariners A Law
May Harm&Good News I Don't Oxymoron No Leases
June Hands Off e-books Time Pledge
July Thank You Sham Apology Mariners MSNBC
Budgets Congress
August Jobs Just Do It Elections Stubborn Cheney
September Hate Not No I-1183 Really? Maddow
Panda Lamp No I-1183 Mariners
October Mr Obama Terrorism Consider An Inch 99%'er
Thoughts WTF Personhood Republicans
November God is God Mr Reid I-1183 Mr Pryor Cainisms
Liquor Veterans Really?
December Siri Lessons Democrats Cartoon Chicken
Bowl Games
January Gunman Guns in NP's NPS Rangers Differences Facts
Candidates Congress Twitter
February Election History Facebook Catholics Embassy
Komen Catholics Veterans Sorry Guys Dilemna
A Point Difference Debate For Men Blind
March Schools Limbaugh Question Safari Scam
FEHB Ms Jordan App Store
April iBook
May Mr Pres. MS-B&N Mr Pres. II No Ed Reasons
God&Hate Starbucks Really?
June Politics Consider Wisconsin Your Vote Romney
Words Why NRA Ok, But Romney
Ads Facebook
July Tax&Penalty Drones Nothing It's Not The Cliff
Voting Who We Are A Thought Income
August Really? To Both Consider Mariners Really
A Right To Media Wrong
September Blogger Simple 9/11 They Guide
Scam To Romney Candidates Us Video
Being Real Candidates Fed Workers Coincidence Taxes
Redistribution Mariners iPad I Tullys iTunes Store
Why of Sex Words Schools
October Imagine Youth Sinclair Think Really
Bullet What 3rd Debate Really Says It All
Jobs Read It Pro-Life? Bookstores
November FEMA The Who Public Guns Voting Boehner
Comcast White Men Comcast II Comcast III Comcast IV
That Word G Norquist Cutting
December Reps Calendar Century Link Republicans We Know
Fodder Congress Pogo Joke Guns
Shopping Tumblr Ms Rice Can We Now People
Beware Guns Norquist Really NRA Gun Addicts
Change MSNBC
January Thought Question NY Gun Law Republicans Filibuster
Mr Reid All of Us Mr LaPierre
February No Ms Fox If She Do It Mr Reid Blog Rules
Ballet Reps. America States Trade
Trade II
March TP Why NYT Reader The Math Mr Reid
People Rights Reps.
April McConnell Congress Obama Worry Our Govt
Stupid Mariners
May Notice NRA 501-3c Yahoo Job Offer
Drones MSNBC
June Mariners TRMS Syria Companies Lesson
Cellphones MySpace DOMA Justice
July Mariners NBC Sports Justice Catepillars Change
What If Why Mr Reid Really Thought
5-10 Shoes
August If You Say Olympics Insanity Climate Chief
Fox Sports BFWG

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