Adventures in Large Format Photography
July 2013

As I stated in my About Web page started learning and working in large format photography, specifically 4x5 format, and starting with a Horseman 45HD, link above and discussed below, with three Schneider lenses. The purpose of these Web pages are to describe my adventure in large format photography, from my first thoughts to the ever present problems and occasional exuberations at success. Remember these are just my experiences, and I leave the real advice to the longtime experts and experienced large format photographers.

Shortly after starting in 4x5 photography I decided to also acquire a Layton L-45A camera which had recently been introduced. You can read about the adventures of this, which turned out to be a failure as the camera has yet to be produced (long story from the designer with hopes to complete a production run sometime). In preparation I bought another 3 Schneider lenses for it which don't fit the Horseman, so I'm looking for another 4x5 camera which is on par with the Layton.

And so here are my thoughts on life in large format photography.

Thoughts Listening Resources Camera Lenses Stuff
09/15/06 12/28/06 01/10/07 Starting Camera bag Film
Lesson 1 Lesson II Saturday Part II Review 03/2007
04/2007 A Week Process 07/2007 04/2008 10/2008
10/2009 05/2011 L-45A Don't For Sale

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