Photographic Perspective

Every photographer has their own philosophy and perspective on photography and their work, and they don't often think about it. It's simply the focus is on the work. Their work shows their perspective, but it doesn't often tell the why, what drives them to take the images they do. Some write articles or books about their philosophy, some about their perspective, and some about their methods and techniques which describes the why in indirect ways. Maybe, it's the old adage, I am what I do, what else is there to know?

All the essays after January 2007 are available HERE, as is a list of all the photography essays below.

Perspective Process Original Types B&W Digital
Potential EKT Importance Entropy Realism Ordinary
Resources Types A Day Simplicity St Patrick Complexity
Thinking Flavors Respect April Day Factors 3 D's
Daffodils How To Raw/JPG 2 Days Addiction 1 Day
B&W Uncertainty Manipulation Photo bags Preparation Writing
B&W II Histograms B&W Film Creativity Symmetry Where
Projects Tradition Pride Parade Ordinary Composition Swallows
New Photos Presence Struggle Heart Swallows II Seeing
3 D's II Learning Trouble O.S. Park Long Road Notices
Mondays Inside out Freedom Value WSF News R Barbee
Differences Mt. Rainier Moments Ms Boulat Perspective 3 P's
Reflect Photonet LensWork The Tao Images Tao&Me
Tao Book Deep End Learning Practice Bad Day Ponder
Deliberate Holiday Don't Miss Don't Miss II Ms Glennie Old&New
Raw Respites Exercises A Smile Translating Fun
Fun II Realism Sometimes How Much JPEG's Respect
Opinions St Patrick Leopard Leopard II Raw again Monitors
Rights WTF We'll See Opera Working Color
Web ads Farewell Ms Boulat Ordinary Technology WSF News
Insides Costs Snobs Walkshed Words Mondays
5D Mk II Picasa Google Who I am Software Don't Miss III
Parade Just A Day WSF Book Photo Cards ImagePro Creativity
Learning My Rules Moment Just Ask Choice Websites
Raw/JPG Respect Knowledge Knowledge II Raynauds Rules
Realism Teach&Do Simplicity 40 Yrs On Cards Time
Cards II Little Web ads Bad Advice Website Apology
Website II Virtual Parade Greetings
4 Years Webcam Web Pages Film For Sale Been Away
HTML 5 CheckUp iPad&Images iPad&PDFs
Capture App Store Hypocrisy Mac Apps Official Technology
Lion NG TOPO Cameras Lion Website
New Old Rule OS-X 10.8 Website Ethics Apple MS Stunt
One Rule Applications Help Wanted Google API Spyder 2 Google API
EOS Utility Adobe DW DW CS6 Menu Bar Web Apps eBlogger
Mac Tip gBooks Abode Muse Alas DW CS6 Website
Apple Map Very Late Mtn Lion Safari 6 Mtn Lion Gear Sale
Gear Sale Gear Sale 40mm f2.8 Black IOS 6 IOS 6 II
Blogger Observation Nope Imperfection Adobe Tip Timing
Mirrors Error Log iTunes Don't Try OS-X 10.8 App Store
SMTP App Store Tumblr LF Lenses App Store Tumblr
iTunes 11 Mtn Lion iTunes 11 ML & iTunes DW CS6 More iTunes
ML Bugs SafariCache iTunes Idea Tumblr
Website Apple Apple II Apple III iTunes 11 Apple TC
Apps iTunes 11 Apple TC Apps Quote Symmetry
DOF iCloud Apple TC Apple TC App Store Apple TC
iTunes 11 PDFMate App Store OS-X 10.8.4 Adobe CC Adobe CC
Adobe CC DW CS6&CC Apple TC MacPro GPS OSX 10.8.4

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