Being a Photography Student of Taoism

As I stated in my About Web page I retired in December 2005, but as explained in the Introduction I've been a student of photography since 1969 and a student of Taoism since 1975. And after all these years I've decided to explore the two through the Tao Teh Ching. And remember above all else, it's just my wanderings in thought and images.

In addition to the general essays on Taoism and life, I'm starting a series of essays on the Tao Teh Ching, which you can read the introduction and my view below for the background. Each of the 81 verses will be presented and have an essay in the series with occasional related essays.

All the essays after January 2007 are available HERE, as is a list of all the essays on the Tao below.

Introduction Tao Te Ching Reading Coffee People Thought
My God Faith Tears The edge Tao Te Ching My View
Series M. Twain Death Death II
A Glass Optimism DSM V Taoism M.Teresa Willow
Life Given Perspectives Gumbo Occam A Moment Thought
Learning Judgement Simple Man Love Words A Fool
Speaking Truth Being Just One Being Wonder
Questions A Gift Richness Really? Simply Athetist
Sorry Advice A Poem Age Life Lived
Newspapers A Noise Thoughts The Two Seedling Reality
Obvious Truth Brick Wall War 3 Rules Cookie
Laws Obvious Conversation It's About Seeking Afterward
A Fool Spontaneity Naps Change In the End God
Nothing Our Past Ideas Being Plans Neither
A Lie The Sun A Thought Which? Youth Age
Happiness Sunshine White Meaning Life Things
Ideology Words Blank Living Go A Lie
People Diversity Youth Champion Change Youth
Somewhere Lost Been There Someone Life Tomorrow
A Jar A Liar A Memory What Obvious History
Caring Thought Failure Mindful Matters Position
Context A Thought Growing Old God Chimes Out loud
Losing Young Inside I Wish Nobody God
You Know Why Two Opinions Youth Moment Beautiful
Gravity Feel & Think Heart Sometimes Chance Fairness
Thoughts Silence Waking Up The End Failure Simplicity
Being A Law Quote Supercars Supercars Lecion
Omelettes Tragedy Perfect Negative Two Rules Worse?
Stupid Being Nice A Fool
Noise Reasons Character Wisest Man Good Rule The World
Tao Te Ching Verse 1 Work&Being Lyrics Changes Living
Randomness Do Not Self&God If You Try Alone

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