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I want to thank folks for visiting my Web site and I hope you enjoy the images, and please feel free to contact me if you want photo cards and/or prints. I use 4x6 prints mounted on card stock for sets of cards. My photography production is still on the learning curve, but I'm now producing the cards entirely in-house from film or now digital images.

Thoughts and Blogs

As noted in the about Web page I retired from the USGS December 31, 2005. You can catch up on things in my personal, catch-all blog. I've added other blogs, on my philosophy, thoughts, ideas and opinions on photography, and learning and working with my Canon 5D, and 4x5 camera, along with other blogs, such as my thoughts, news and opinon, Mt Rainier NP, and my life in stories. Mostly just lots of rambling thoughts, ideas, experiences, and observations.

To help sort all those out, here's a guide. The photography ones are self-explanatory, or at least should be obvious about the focus and subject of them. They're about the various aspects of working and learning each type of photography, more life experiences and observations. Some over time I learn are be incomplete or not entirely right, and I'll try to correct things with updates as I discover better answers.

The personal blogs are different aspects of my life, and view of the world from my window. The opinion one is just that, opinions on life and the world, the news and opinions are observations from the media, namely the newspapers and radio, and life, the real-life blog about thoughts of my life as I travel the road, my eBlogger are series of short essays on thoughts on just about everything, see the initial post in the series for an explanation, and the last being my life in stories.

And why all the my blogs? Well, my brain got full ya see, and to make room for more I need to empty parts of it so I don't have to keep remembering. Oh yeah? Not really but sounds good? No? Well, it's the thought that counts, or maybe they're just strings in the theory of my life. Or quarks that only last an instant in my mind. Ok, enough silliness. No, never, it's not in my spirit unless it's too dark to see any light of reason or hope of possiblities. As the saying goes, been there, done that.

I added a review of 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. And so, has it been worth it? You bet! It doesn't mean it's been easy, as all the advice columns say, you have to manage your money better, but you have the opportunity to do what you want within the resources you have. To say it's freedom is an understatement. It's the adage, you are what you decide to do, and the world is in front of you. That requires for some, like me, to deal with the issues of personal motivation. No one forces you to get up and get on with life. Only you.

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