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January 2013

Web design and Browser Compatibility

The Web pages on this Web site are created on a Apple Mac Pro with Abode Creative Suite to W3C html 5 standards, optimized for a 600x800, smallest, to 900x1024, optimium browser window withmedium font size setting, and tested with Safari and a few other currently available browsers. Any larger browser window will not change the display.

I'm not a fan of Microsoft or it's software and so no Microsoft software was used in the production and testing of these pages, so I can't account for the display with Internet Explorer, or your personal browser settings. This is especially true if you use a larger than normal (medium) font size. I use css for style settings across all the Web pages, this means the display should be consistent but will vary with your browser and personal settings.

All the pages are designed to print on a standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper using any available color printer. The pages are created using templates on a 600 pixel width content area to fit the standard print format. Eventually PDF versions will be available and will be shown with a link near the title of each page below the Web page photo, graph or map and above the content.

Web and Image colors

All the images on this Website were captured and created for the Web in sRGB colors. The Apple LED Cinema Display is calibrated with a Data Color Spyder now 3 color calibration tool. The Mac Pro has calibration synchronization across software applications so the image color renditon is consistent. This means any differences in the color display are mostly your computer, browser and/or monitor.

Website updates

The Web pages on this Web site are routinely reviewed and updated, and you can find an explanation of my Web work, along with changes and updates. You can see if the page(s) have been udpated by the version number and date in the lower left corner of the Web page.

The image

The photo above, if you're interested, was taken at the Trans-Am race at Laguna Seca, October 1970. The people in the photo are Ed Leslie (left), driver of car number 2 which went out with a broken wheel, alongside Jim Hall (standing), owner of the Camero Team who drove car number 1.

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