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January 2012

A word or note.--I have reviewed the on-line images and if you see images that appear to be unusual, please contact me with the Web page URL and I'll look into it.

A Website and Web pages are work. Every photographer has their professional and personal view of what their Web site should represent and present. That's the beauty of the Web, it's what you want within the framework of the Web criteria. And that's what is the consideration a photographer must give their Web site.

That consideration is the choice of designing, producing, and managing their own Web site and pages, use a hosting Websites with their templates, hire a professional Web and/or graphic designer or spend the time to learn to design their own Website and pages . Many of the professional photographers do the first two, only a few choose the last.

Since I worked with a Website and as Web page and data manager for over 10 years (1994-2005) with the USGS, I thought when I retired I would manage and operate my own Website and design and produce my own Web pages, which then was reasonably doable with the technology available for the Web and Web standards for Web pages.

Well, as life would have it, my Website and pages aren't fancy by any real measure, or that I see compared with the professionally produced Web sites, but there are two reasons for my decision. One, is the accomplishment of producing my own Web pages, and two, learning, which has its cost, not doing photography and producing images.

What does it all mean? Beats me, but you can see the changes to the Website and pages here. I hope you like the pages and please use the "Webmaster" link, also in the lower left corner of each page, or use the contact page to send your problems, questions, comments or suggestions.

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