Recently I read the book, "The Poetry Home Repair Manual" by Ted Kooser. It got me to thinking about the phrase, "A picture is worth a thousand words.", and wondered how a thought or poem can inspire many images. It's obvious it can, simply read a book to see how it creates new images in your mind and brings back old images from your memory. There's nothing new there, but being a visual person I decided to see if I could write poetry. And that's a nothing new there too, anyone can, the question if it's understandable and if it's any good.

The second book I read recently is Wendell Berry's recent book of poetry, "Given: Poems" , which is a compilation of poems over a number of recent years. Realizing writing poetry is like the old adage about getting to Carnegie Hall, "Practice, Practice, Practice", and somewhere at sometime you simply have to start, that is write, rewrite and rewrite as Mr. Kooser makes clear, and without futher explanations, here are some of my attempts at poetry, or not, and just thoughts in a life.

A Guess An Opinion Moments
Tired LF Camera Life
Cafe View Dad, Poem I People
Darfur Thoughts Therapy
Apology My Thumb Novelist
Thought I Thought II Downspout
Salute Unfolding

Just some thoughts in a life.

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