My Life in Stories

As I stated in my About Web page I retired in December 2005. Well, after all these months into retirement it's been a real joy and I wanted to start a series about looking back on my life and finding the threads in the fabric and coat of my life. And so here is my life in stories.

All the essays after January 2007 are available HERE, as is a list of all the life story essays below.

Introduction Photographer Why Being 58 9/11/01 Looking
Fringe Dexter Oakridge Gray Cr Black R Lees Ferry
EF White R EF White II Black R Big Cr WA Naselle R Big Cr OR
Winberry Rogue R Big AZ Rivers Xmas 1968 Xmas 1969 My Dad
Greg I Greg II A Number Cibecue Cr The Pass Choices
Military Choices Summer 72 First Job Mother's Day Anger
My Thesis Rainsuit 10 Yrs Later Xmas 2008 My 2008 30 Yrs Later
Raynauds Father's Day Sympathy Being 60 Rain Chief
Outside Jan. 1973 Choices Writing Review
Promises Linda Cooking Older BS&T Water
BoxTops Found A Heart Losing
Waking Up Memories Answers Always Laurel&Hardy Eating
Failing Now What? Looking Guesses Father's Day TMJ
Lost Year Eating Ghosts Burger Chef Halloween Naive
Iron Butterfly Labels
Either Or Words Raynauds Walking II Chimes Lodi
Nothing Bucket Fathers Pain Pain II Income
Food Not Names Ouch! Which 307 Hrs
Walking Being Thin FODMAPS So True Seasons A Lie
INTP Difference Food Diet Plan Rain All I Have
Cutting Alone Wishing Food Fresh Food Worse
Rainstorm Being Old Sometimes KT Tape Last Nap Passion
99125 One & Two Choice Food Being Sick Doughnut
Buying Minority Service Outdoors What I Eat Tasty
Being Young Hands Not New Cooking Pimples Tumblr
5 Months Santana Electrolysis Sleeping Christmas 2012
Corn Chips
Sidewalks Sidewalks 2013 Walking Walking II Simple
A Start Start II Better&Good Food Envy Update Hard
Better&Worse Balance Not So Bad Tradeoff Eating Out Words
Walking Review 1 Year Ago No Eggs Change How
Know Goals Walking Escapism Learning Route

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