Real Life Adventure

As I stated in my About Web page I retired in December 2005. Well, after 9 months into retirement it's been a real joy and I wanted to start a series about getting on in life, and hence the name, a real life adventure. And also the image, I left one side of life, in the work arena, and am starting a new side of life, in my own work and life.

The photo wasn't the best one to describe what I am thinking and where life will go, but I found this image by Rene Asmussen which I was drawn to as a visual idea of what I feel. I'll leave it to you to determine your feelings, but I love the visual image of the open window, with the light coming through to the crystal ball, and a beautiful woman looking into the ball, perhaps wondering what it all means and where it's all going.

All the essays after January 2007 are available HERE, as is a list of all the essays about life below.

Introduction Checkup Ourselves A Dream The Why Why II
Checkup II Change Inward Food Groceries Future
Gender Identity Lenses Being changes Future II
Moving Living Choice Choice II Choice III Reality
Helen Boyd Choice IV 4:00 am Decades Reality In Between
A Thanks Being 50+ Oneself Cleaning Equation A Hug
ER Show A Life One Life Dysthymia Normal Questions
Retirement Sense The Edge Norms I Randomness The Why
Realistic Somewhere Level Crashing Writing Two Ideas
S. Page Histograms Purpose Fathers J. Serano Respites
Geographer L. Stuebing A Racer SS U.S. One Life Conflict
H. Boyd Age&Guilt Arguing Swallows Death STL Blog
STL II Relating Choices Choices II Being Lost Running
2 Pills Walking To Greg Reading A Moment Excuses
J Osborne Dots Mr Pausch Women Marriage Walking
Barefoot Aloneness Nickname Being Free Epigenomes Amazed
Thoughts Aging Hiking Free Will Nov 11th Change
Life Life II Coffee Success Interesting Gone
New Year Toaster Reading This blog Fine Print Concrete
Vegies Walking 2nd Nature Aphorisms Wandering Cats
Cats II Peace O'Faolain Hate Families 4:00 AM
A Tooth My Dad Solstice Suicide Ghosts Normal
Alex Porsche Swimming Fixit Co. 09/10/01 Sleeping
Right&Best Reading Underneath Being This Blog Ms Warnes
Choice Cooking A Gamble Food Friends Don't Call
Twitter A Tooth Lost Year My Rules Don't Call Naps
Rationality Home Suicide Oh to be Choice Easter
Delaying Don't Call Saying No Summer Blame Nov 11th
People MLS Moved Neighbors Suicide Greetings
4 Years Webcam Barefeet Prints Thanks Trust
Directions My Rules For Sale Music Sink Ms Dekker
A Charm Two More Small Catchall Thoughts
Elsewhere Lykke Li Evanescence Mr Twain Big Brother
Mariners Mariners Mariners Mariners Mariners Mariners
Emotions Tumblr J-K-Pop Die Happy Tumblr
Ballet Mariners Mariners Failing Mariners Bombino
Moon Today

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