Checkup II

Yesterday I had my annual checkup. I'm amazed where women have annual checkups for the obvious and not so obvious reasons, men don't go to doctor except when something's broken or not working right. All I can say is, guys you're missing a lot if you don't have a good physician and someone who cares about your health, except wearing those gowns with the open backside. You certainly don't go very far away.

Anyway, after the normal urine and blood stuff, the doctor walks in and asks, "How's your life going." How many family physicians do that, talk to you for an hour, and check the various parts out. I still have my heart murmur from childhood (rheumatic fever). Her advise is continue the exercise program and continue on with life.

After that it was a good day to just wander around the beautiful city of Seattle and see the world go by on a nice fall day.

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