Change is a hard thing for most people, especially big ones about your life. I've come to the conclusion that there are three parts of yourself have be there and in order for change to work the best. You have to be mentally, emotionally and physically ready for change, and be able to adjust during and after the change. If all three aren't there, then the change will have problems or won't accomplish what you want.

Mentally you have to think through everything, as best you can, often and routinely, for you can't really anticipate everything that you need to do or everything which will happen, and you have to keep coming back to your basic goals to make sure you're on track and it still thinks right.

Emotionally you have to feel it in your heart, mind, soul, and spirit. This is the toughest because it touches every aspect your being, every fiber of your soul, and every cell in your body. Everything has to come together, all the emotions, from the extreme happines to the deepest depression, from the highest joy to the lowest anxiety, and from the most confidence to the worse fears. It's all a balance but all must be there and attended.

Physical. The body has to be there and ready for anything, whatever action or movement, from the controlled to the sudden, the surprises, from the immediate to the lifelong, as best you can be, and do what it takes to be ready. Especially as you age and if the changes are being made when you're older.

In the end two connections must happen. It must both think and feel right. The whole being must be there and ready, and be ready to go forward. The body and mind must be in tune and in touch with each other. It's a ballet of the mental, emotional and physical, and you're the artist, the choreographer, and the dancer.

The reality is that the whole will always be a search for balance in constant change, a search in dynamic equilibrium for something it will never be, static. You are a universe trying to find a place you'll never find, eternally searching. For what? You may never know, and you're only clue is a direction, the one you're going, the road ahead. That's the best you can do, one step at a time.

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