The future? Do we really contemplate our future in our ourselves, who we are emotionally, mentally, and physicially. Who wants to think about getting old? Aging isn't a positive thought to many, but we forget many facets about it. First, it's inevitable, we are always going into the future and aging, our bodies will continue to age, our minds slow, and our emotions mellow. We can delay some of it by being active, mindful, open-minded, and positively expressive.

The problem with this logic is that as you approach 40 thoughts of the future began to sneak into your psyche. Between 40 and 50, it's accumulates in the corners of your mind, especially when your physician tells you, "When you approach your middle 40's, you begin to decline, and once into your late 40's, the best you can do is keep from getting worse fast." In short, you've peaked and your body is now aging.

And when you reach 50, it's now certified, all is now officially downhill, gravity isn't on your side, nor is time anymore. You also begin to think about both the past and the future. You're on the top of the hill of your career and life. It's all around you, the horizon all around, and it's not what you want to see or what you see, it's what you don't see that matters. That's your future.

You see, the key is that as your body ages past 50, your life is just beginning to achieve in your life. You have the wisdom of the years, the experiences of the past, the words of the many you've known and met, and the love of family and friends. And you have all the creative possibilities in your view. The horizon is there on the road ahead, it's like looking into a valley filled with fog and the distant clouds hiding the the road rising into the mountains.

What you can't see is what you can achieve, it's all in your mind now, not your body. You can keep the aging at bay for awhile, but it's more work for less return, it's the reality of aging. But your mind is just starting to gain momentum. It's now what's in your heart, spirit, soul and mind. You can achieve what you want, maybe a little slower, like in the movie "The Electric Horseman", "Some parts take awhile to wake up, broke parts a little longer."

I can't say about turning 60, I haven't gotten there yet. A few years away. I'll keep you posted.

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