Website Plans and Changes
January 2013

Website Plans

This page is to let you know what's new or changed on the Web pages. So what's actually new or ahead?

Future Plans.-- Below are the changes to date, and looking at the Mt. Rainier NP photo guide (MPG) it's easy to see there is a lot of work to do, easily taking the next few years if I did everything. With respect to the future plans, you can see the work and projects.

In addition to the plans for the MPG, there are plans for the Website, which is primarily to finish the photo galleries and then convert them to new designs with both being available depending on your browser and plug-ins.

At this time there are no plans for either WSR or MPG version 3.0 as I haven't developed a prototype design which I like and does what is already and will be available on the Website. Any new version will incorporate additional features such as downloadable or printable PDF versions of the Web pages.

Website Changes

January 2013.-- Made some minor revisions to the navigation on the top with the "About" section to remove old links and add new links to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

January 2012.-- MPG revised to reflect the additonal sections to the guide but keeping the same revsion number until there are more significant changes in the guide and the Website.

January 2011.-- WSR version 2.8 is updated to match the revision and updates with the Mt. Rainier Photography Guide, MPG, to the same version number and date.

March 2010.-- WSR version 2.7 is updated with addition navigation links to ImagePro (for subscribers on Website) and redoing the Website pulldown navigation adding a new consulting services Web page for photographers planning a visit to Mt. Rainnier NP.

November 2009.-- WSR version 2.7 is on-line. This is just a cosmetic update for cleaning up differences between Web pages and the Mt. Rainier photo guide, to put them on the same sequence and date.

June 2009.-- WSR version 2.6/2.6.1 is on-line. I'm not sure about this update. I forgot what I did.

February 2009.-- WSR version 2.5 is on-line with a link to my ImagePro Website in the wsrhoto menu in the navigation bar. My Photo Guide (MPG) version 2.5 is on-line with a revamped table of contents and some new Web pages.

December 2008.-- WSR version 2.4 is on-line with a reorganized navigation bar across the top. My Photo Guide (MPG) version 2.5 is on-line with a revamped table of contents and some new Web pages.

June 2008.-- WSR version 2.3 is on-line with new map pages, some minor cosmetic changes and a reorganization of the table of contents for the Mt. Rainier NP photo guide.

May 2008.-- WSR version 2.2 is on-line with a new contact Web page using an e-mail form Web page.

February 2008.-- WSR version 2.1 is under development for minor changes, one of which is the background color. If you know of a color which would work here, please send e-mail with your suggestions, preferably with the standard name or hexidecimal value, or a link to a Website with the same color.

December 2007.-- The news and opinions, formerly on MySpace, is now on eBlogger as WSR News and Opinion. It won't be updated as often, as the move was more for easier access and use. I'm not much of a fan of MySpace anymore and keep it to communicate with friends there.

March 2007.-- The columns has been moved to eBlogger to make additions easier while continuing my MySpace for the smaller entries in life. The old columns will stay for the time being. Also, some photo galleries were moved to my space and more extensive portfolios will be added there than here.

January 2007.--With WSR 2.0, the navigation is now standard for the top navigation bar under the logo. I've streamlined the coding to make updates easiers. Lesson? Learn CSS.


I hope you like the pages and please use the contact page to send your problems, questions, comments or suggestions.

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