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Background and Plans
September 2015

This is a Web page of the work in progress, scheduled or planned for the photo guide. Since this work is a one-person operation, it's easy to see from the list and the work associated with each item on the list, finding time is the problem, as we all know life and other matters often sneaks in front of the work we love.

That said, I usually work on some of these intermittently along with the other things, taking far less time often to take a mental break from those some of which are somewhat tedious to produce. And I am usually working on 3-5 of them at any time for the review or research or the Web work, partly for variety and partly ideas I get for one needs immediate attention or provides ideas for other things.

Photo Guide Plans

So, below is the list of on-going, scheduled or planned work on the "Things To Do" list. And you can bet I don't keep it on the refrigerator.

Monthly Work

  • Update the news, access and conditions Web pages for the upcoming period (now 2 months). This is the ever-present, on-going work of the photo guide work.

  • Update Web pages for the host of obvious problems or errors as found from reviews.

Seasonal Work

  • Update the area overview and the area guides for the current and upcoming seasonal conditions.

  • Update the seasonal and recent conditions for Lookouts, Day Hikes, Backountry Hikes and Wildflowers Web pages.

Current Tasks

  • Update all maps to WGS84 (from NAD83) for compliance with Google map datum. Add information on map pages on location coordinates, for NAD83 and WGS84 for latitude and longitude, and for NGVD27 and NAVD88 for elevation.

  • Update the content navigation on selected Web pages with anchors to jump to individual sections and links to each one at the top of the content. Add section headers for longer, descriptive Web pages.

  • Update the hikes and (hiking) tips Web pages with seasonal conditions and recommendations section. This will go just after the "Preparation" section of each Web page.

  • Update the photo tips Web page with separate sections for camera, film/digital, equipment/gear and black & white photography.

  • Update the snow data, snowfall, snowpack and snowmelt information Web pages for the 2015-16 winter seasons.

  • Add description Web page for snow forecast and avalanche assessment and warning work.

  • Update the information and resources Web page and the book Web page for links and new stuff.

  • Add section and subsection headers for Web pages with no sections or with long descriptions.

  • Fix broken external links (404 errors), see printout of links using the Integrity and other applications.

  • Update wildflowers Web pages for new books and descriptions of each area (map).

Current Projects

  • Add description and map Web pages for the three (fall, spring and summer) seasons.

  • Produce the two area guides for the Northeast (White River) and southeast (Ohanapecosh) areas.

  • Produce the Web pages for the names and description of the glaciers on the NP with a map.

  • Produce Web pages for the description and map for Wonderland trail guide for photographers.

  • Produce off-trail trails (scrambles) in the NP with description, list and maps, see book.
  • Add information on map pages for 100 peaks in the NP from the book.

  • Produce the NP designation effort (1890-1899) Web pages.

New Projects

  • Produce Web page for description and map for the history, location and name for Windy Knoll and application to the State Committe on Geographic Names.

  • Produce the science in the NP Web pages for the work of the USGS, NPS, etal.

  • Produce the rest of the early history (1880-1940) Web pages in four periods.

  • Produce Web pages for the brief description of the post-WW II history of the NP.

  • Produce the rest of the 1896 expedition Web pages, including adding the route of the expedition on the map.

  • Produce the early photography (1890-1900) description after the introduction of sheet film (Kodak) in 1890.

  • Produce Web versions of the Bailey Willis letter during the 1896 expedition and his 1888 essay.

  • Produce the forest communities and trees Web pages.

  • Produce Web page for historical hiking trips for each area to get a sense of the history of the NP.

  • Produce photo stops along north and south routes across the NP, see Photo Rovers.

  • Produce Web pages for the description and map of the NP boundary survey, 1906-08.

  • Produce Web pages for selected NP visitor pamphlets, 1914-61 with the guide for and map of the NP.

  • Produce the description and map Web pags for the (registory) historical landmarks in the NP.

  • Produce the Web pages for the description and map of history of roads and structures in the NP.

Ok, enough said of what's there on the list and ahead of me. Only the monthly and seasonal work on a schedule to do, which in this case is every month. Everything else is as time and life permits.

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