Types of Photograhers

I'm sure you're asking, "Huh?" Like there are really types of photographers? Like Duh. But I vary this idea a bit by saying there are three general types, those whose innate passion is photography, those who innate expression uses photography, and those who use photography for personal expression. I realize this is a general catagorization and has many overlapping people, but I think it can explain some things about why photographers are.

What are these types? The first are the photographers who work fulltime to be photographers, they believe in their work and their craft. It's part of their sense of being, such as photojournalist. The second are those who are dedicated to something and use photography to express it, such as Galen Rowell. The third are serious photographers and it's a major part of their life, but it's not their whole life.

While thinking through this idea it occurred to me the defining criteria are passion and motivation. Every photographer has passion for their work and art. You wouldn't do it if you didn't, but does your passion go with the act, the equipment, the process, the product, or something else in photography? Is your passion for the subject, for being there, for taking the image, for producing images, or something else?

Every photographer is motivated, and this is where I think it separates the first type from the other two. Some photographers are photographers because it what they love to do, be a photographer. Something in their being and experience continually drives them to be somewhere getting images. They other two types are motivated but have different perspectives where photography is a part of their being, but not always the innate driving force.

Well, criticize all you will, it's just a thought sitting looking out the window thinking where I can go to do some photography. I'm the last type, I can put down the camera, often for weeks to months for other things in life. I feel guilty but I always get back to photography. I have the drive, only mine parks along side the road now and then, and keeps the camera on the seat to walk around awhile.

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