Good Weather

Well, at last spring arrived in the last two weeks in April, or at least a few days this last week, April 22-28th, where we had overcast skies and only slight showers with sun breaks. Well, I decided to explore some places in downtown near the museum district next to the University of Washington Tacoma campus. You can read about the effort for the Wednesday and Thursday and for Saturday.

And so, what did I learn beside exposing a few sheets of Provia and T-Max film? First, you must keep your brain plugged in, but most of that was with my digital camera. I had to stop for awhile while working on one shot with the 4x5 camera to remind myself I'm still learning so mistakes and mis-steps are part of the process. But I've learned the basics aren't that hard, mainly the mechanics of setting up and adjusting the camera. I've broken it to several steps.

The first step is the obvious go, look and see. The second is the three step process I follow with with the camera. The last step is immediately sitting down and writing notes in a 3x5 Rite in the Rain notebook. As I learned with field work with the USGS and with 35mm film, you can't write enough notes to yourself.

And so that was the week that was with my Horseman 45HD.

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