Update 12/28/2006

Well, three months later, no Layton camera. And you ask, "Now what?" After waiting for nearly three months I researched other cameras, still planning to get the Layton eventually, and bought a Horseman 45HD which will accommodate two of my lenses, the 120m and 180mm lenses. Although it doesn't have some of the features or capabilities of some "entry" level field cameras, it does have some advantages for me at this time.

The first is it finally gets me started learning. This camera doesn't have back movements, and in its simplicity, I can learn the basics of handling the camera, setup, focusing, basic front movement controls, and film and film handingling. The rest I'll learn when the Layton comes. And I can make enough mistakes learning with a simplier camera. So, it's scheduled to arrive next week, and within a few weeks I should have some sheets to view.

The other thing is that I found a Schneider 90mm f5.6 Super Angulon lens for a great price. I had planned to buy the f6.8 version, but chance offered a good deal for this lens. I'll need a centerfilter, but that pretty much completes the initial set of lenses I need to work with. I suspect as with all LF photographers I may add lenses to fill the gaps, but that would only be a 150mm and 240mm lenses, and ok, maybe a 480mm down the road, but that's a long way off for these. Starting and learning are the priority right now.

Anything else I can add? Not really for large format photography right now. I'm just looking forward to starting. I will be adding a digital SLR system in the New Year but that's another story. I've done the homework, and now it's a matter of writing the check for it. But I'll start a new series on this stuff, along with the many digital photographers who have blogs with their Websites.

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