Like many, I remember the day, what I was doing and what I did the rest of the day. I remember the images on television we watched at work while we wondered what to do. As it turned out, management in D.C. sent the message for everyone to go home. And like everyone, my heart goes out to those who died in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and their families. No one deserved their fate that day. I will, however, focus on the aftermath of the event and describe my thoughts about how it was hijacked by the politicians against their own citizens.

First of all, it should be remember, the events by the group was not against Americans as people; it was against the international politics of the government going back decades, from the post WWII to the present. No President or party in control of Congress is immune from misdeeds in the Middle East that created the generations of hatred toward the West, Europe and the U.S. It has always been about oil and power. We sowed and nutured the seeds of the damage.

Before you get outraged at my statements, read the history of the events in the Middle East from the post World War II era, including the creation of Isreal, when we removed the Palestinians from their own homeland. We were a part of the creation of the countries in the Middle East, the rise of the Saud Family, the Shah of Iran and Saddham Hussein. We provided the arms, the training and the intelligence to keep them in power, oppressing their own people.

All that aside now. We have to face the reality of what's happening. Our govenment has lied to us to invade and occupy a soverign nation, albeit a dictator who we supported for about 10 years, and our government is overturning over 200 years of our democracy and take away our civil rights to privacy, liberty, free speech, assembly and just get through life without our government peaking into our lives trying to determine what we do and who we are.

I'm going to propose something reasonable that appears radical. Let's go back to September 10th. Let's stand up to the world and the terrorist and tell them they can't make us fear them or change our lives. Let's stand up to our government and demand our rights back and fair treatment of people. Let's stand up to the airlines and say enough or face a boycott. Let's stand up to the media and demand they do their job, reporting news and asking the hard questions of our leaders and politicians.

Let's tell the FBI to do their job! They had everything they needed without any Patroit Act to catch terrorists, after all they did well in the 1993 WTC bombing. Let's tell the CIA to do their job! They need to do a better job, but working with the international agencies, we can do it without the NSA snooping into citizens. It's called focusing on reality.

In short, let's get real and understand we've made mistakes and need to fix that with the world, and let's get real about returning to a society of freedom, liberties and righrts. Let's stand up to the terrorists and tell them they can't stop us. And mostly let's become international leaders in humanity and human rights. We're the best at it.

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