What is happening to our Democracy?

What is happening to our democracy? The Bush Administration is trying to hijack it in the name of terrorism, or as they call it "The war on terrorism." I was listening to the Democracy Now radio show this last Tuesday June 27th and I got angrier with each revelation. What is happening to Americans who are taking this so-called war as something real. I'm not changing the fact of September 11, 2001 in any way, only being realistic.

The attack on the World Trade Center was an attack on the world. The attack on the Pentagon and the foiled attack on the White House (my guess) was an attack on our international politics. It was not an attack on America or the American people, but our politics and the world's global economic hold on third world and developing nations. We were not the target, our government, our military, and our President for our behavior in the global economy and our continued support of undemocratic nations were the targets.

And now in the name of the fight against an invented enemy, terrorism, when it's really radical islamic jihadist, our government - the Bush Administration, is stealing our rights and Congress is sacrificing our protections for the two things that matter to them, money and power. It's not about terrorism or any real war, but it's about using our tax money to pay for their issues and not where the money could be better spent, like its citizens and solving the real problems of this country and nation, like education, poverty, jobs, health care, immigration, voter protection, human rights, crime, drugs, and so on.

When we will stand up and demand our rights back? And how much money will have been lost in the meantime for a fight we'll never win? Terrorist have been around since man created war on other men. To have terrorists you need both the oppressed and the oppressor. If they're the oppressed, who's the oppressor? Our government? And when will we say enough? And when we will realize we've already lost as they've already won the war on the very thing they really wanted, us?

Do you realize all this surveillence isn't about terrorism? They've had the technology all along and have been using it to track international terrorist groups. They've only mismanaged it to prevent 9/11. The Patriotic Act and all the other laws were written to spy on citizens in the our own country. And now Congress is going to make it legal without oversight by the courts, and in fact taking the courts out of the path altogether, and elminating our rights as defined in the Constitution.

What angers me the most as the revations are being made public, and all of the Bush Administration actions will be made public and determined to be illegal, we'll have lost because the government will have what they wanted, access to our lives. We've lost our privacy and I apologize to the younger generations who will have to live with and fight this issue for years to come. To them, I wish them luck. And thank you Amy Goodman for reminding us daily of what's at stake, our very own democracy.

As Thomas Jefferson made clear to future generations, "The price of democracy is eternal vigilance."

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