Mr. Bush II

Dear Mr. Bush,

I listened to your responses on the passage of the bill governing the treatment of enemy combatants and the detainees you illegally hold around the world in secret prisions and in Gitmo (Cuba). Well, you got what you asked for, now I hope you remember the old adages. You know the one that goes, "Be careful what you wish for...", and the one that goes, "Everything comes back to haunt you." You know those?

Why do I ask you? It's obvious from your statement, "You don't create terrorism by fighting terrorism." Boy, have I got you wrong. You don't get it because you can't get it. You just don't understand terrorism and are blind to your own ignorance about it. You're fighting terrorist, not terrorism. You can't fight an idea. It's terrorist, the actual people who are fighting our occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

You see George, and I'll call you that since you've never earned my respect because I know I served in the military during the Vietnam era and have the papers, and more importantly, the experience to show for it - you seem to have forgotten what few experiences you had of your time in the Air National Guard, to fight terrorist you have to both create and sustain them. It's takes two sides to fight a war, or were you asleep during your history classes? And we created them in Iraq now, read the NIE report.

Anyway, you seem to have gotten what you think is best. So I ask you, are you now willing to allow any nation, international group, militia, or whatever name you want to call them, the same right, to make their own rules on captured enemy combatants? Since you threw the Geneva Convention out the window, you have just granted the same privilege to everyone. Is this your way to help our troops?

Is this what you want for our troops when they're deployed anywhere in the world? To know if captured there are no rules for their detainment, treatment, and rights? Can you explain why this helps? Can you explain why no one in Gitmo have yet to been put on trial, let alone convicted for anything? So what have they done? You keep referring to them as terrorists but you haven't shown any proof, and all you do is say we can torture them without accountability and recourse.

I hope you wake up some day to realize the harm and damage you've done to our nation in almost every aspect of human and citizen rights. But I doubt you will, because in all your Christian learning you seem to have forgotten about compassion.

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