It's a real Not

Ok, what's a real "Not"? Missing work. Why? I like staying up late, especially Sundays, knowing I don't have to trudge myself up early and go to work, and put up with all the stuff work entails these days, especally bosses who are real pains, in that their only real interest in the staff is to get them to do the work to improve their careers. I enjoyed the work and the staff, but I rarely enjoyed bosses because few knew how to manage and supervise.

I like knowing when I wake up, it's up to me to schedule the work, my photography, my Website, and my life. It's whatever I want, or the few times life sneaks in, like appointments, emergencies, visits, and such things that often occurs. I like that it's up to me the degree of public involvement I want each day, whether if it's only a trip to the cafe for a mocha and newspaper - I love the New York Times. I often don't do some things in life, like subscribe to magazines or newspapers, so I can go places to be engaged in life and the world.

I like that I can plan my schedule and take time or days off, and just kick back and let life happen, to watch an old movie, read a book, take a walk, sit and watch life, and whatever I decide not to do that day and do whatever else is there to explore, learn, and play. I like that I can connect to the Internet and explore ideas, to start with a thought I heard, read or saw, and search, then read what I come across on Websites. I like just exploring photography Websites to see the photographs, the design, the photographer, and other stuff they offer or have.

I like sitting and feeling the weather through the day. I have a southeastern facing balcony, where I can watch the sunrise, feel the warmth of the day rise until about noon when it flows over the overhang leaving shade. I like hearing the bamboo wind chime makes sounds and feel the breeze, and watch the tall Douglas Firs sway, the limbs moving gently up and down, and the shades of green changing in the light.

I like scheduling my exercise program. I can run/walk in the mornings, work in occasional weight training (usually weekly). I like when I can fit it into my life where it's the focus of my time than just getting a run in with other things I want to do. I can enjoy the run, letting it go with the flow of life. Some days I walk more than I run, and some days I push harder to run most of the route. I get to choose each day.

I like taking naps. Putting some music on or just listening to a classical music station, and just closing the eyes to let the imagination wander. To listen and feel the music with my whole body, to experience it was originally meant. Or I can go through my music collection and play whatever the spirit and soul feels like hearing. And I can just think of what's ahead, all those what if's we like to conjure up and rummage in our minds while the music massages the soul.

I like having the one thing we most regret as we age. Time. In the end, it's how we spend our time.

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