To Mr. Bush

Dear Mr. Bush,

I listened to and read all about your response to the release of the National Intelligence Estimate report leaked by the memebers of the Intelligence Community to the New York Times. It's odd that the report was finished in April of this year, but only leaked now. Don't you trust the American people to understand the truth? Why wasn't the report released then?

You answered to say it was classified, and as such shouldn't have been leaked, but you released 3 pages of the 30 page document today. In the parlance of the trade, "Whoopee shit." Three whole pages of a 30 page document. What's in the rest of it you're afraid to let the people know? Could it be it doesn't agree with your assessment of the situation in Iraq and your war on terror?

Even your own Director of National Intelligence found a way to downplay the information released to say it didn't reflect the whole document, but even he wouldn't describe the rest of the document nor say the leaked information was incorrect or inaccurate. Why was that? Could it be the rest actually reflects reality in Iraq, and the war there has made the terrorist more emboldened in their cause of ousting the US from Iraq? And it's not about the war on terrorism here?

You made the statement we're fighting them in Afghanistan and Iraq than fighting them here in America. If you excuse the moment and tone, what the fuck do you mean? They're not fighting there to be fighting here. They're fighting there for the right to exist in their own country. We're occupying their country with our military and imposing civil law on their own people, treating everyone like the enemy with no rights. Would you live in Iraq under the circumstances?

And you say they want to attack America? Wasn't that all the money we've spent on Homeland security to protect people and land here? What hasn't happened to protect us here? Are you wasting our money somewhere you're not telling us? Is the Office of Homeland Security as inept at protecting us from terrorists as they were protecting and saving lives during and after hurricane Katrina?

In conclusion Mr. Bush, may I suggest you take vacation somewhere to experience the American presence abroad, like southern Afghanistan or Bagdad? Leave your personal security force aside and walk out amongst the people. Do you feel safe? Do you feel free? Can you tell them it's democracy?

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