So where is reality? I don't know, but I do know we're not listening very well anymore. We seem to just want to speak and hope our words drown out the voices and words of others. Why? Loudness doesn't win arguments. What happened to critical thinking and discussion in the public arena? Do you listen to what's being said, or only pick out the point you want to rant or rave about? How often do you stop listening once you've heard something you want to rebuke or affirm? Or just want to make a point?

This isn't new (what is anymore?), and been talked about at length by George Lakoff. Interesting books, and well worth the read to see how you, the public, are being manipulated by the politicians to frame the debate. I can only say it's time we started really listening and really asking questions, and demand answers from those not answering the question. Don't change the question, answer it. Don't rephrase it to answer your own question. What's happened with our public discussions anymore?

Well, for one, George Bush. And for another, the Democrats. Where are the leaders when we need them? Have you listened to Mr. Bush, I mean really listen? Listen on the radio to his speeches, his responses, and really follow the words and the tone of his voice? When he was being interviewed after the dune buggy ride he could barely phrase a sentence about the immigration issue, but he sure got excited about the dune buggy ride. Here was a President more interested in a dune buggy ride than our Nation's problem with Mexico?

And that's my rant for this week. What's happening to our democracy when our President isn't involved in the issues of the Nation and would rather delegate everything and enjoy dune buggy rides? And what's this about immigrants doing jobs American's won't do. We did those jobs before the immigrants came, but we won't put up with low wages, no health benefits, poor working conditions, unsafe environments, and no employee rights. So why are we allowing anyone to work under those conditions, especially here, but also in their home countries? So who wins? And who is losing?

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