Folks, whatever few readers I have, I'm taking a fall break for several reasons. The first is that all this politics has made me very angry and very tired, and I'm tired of being angry at politicians who just don't get it and their role as "elected" officials. The second is that I'm starting my new photography, and time is essential for learning. And I'm a slow learner. And third is that I'm starting a change in my life that also takes time to get used to and deal with.

Anyway, this doesn't mean I'll be neglecting my Website, I'll be working on images and galleries, my large format columns, and my real-life adventure columns. And I want to work on learning printing to make more photo cards and Christmas cards. And did I forget mentioning some travel to get more photos? Well, I'll be around, so please come back now and then. And who knows, maybe a column will sneak in now and then.

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