2007 Plans

So what are the plans for 2007? Whew, that's an understatment! I've learned this year, nothing you plan actually fully happens, sometimes events, circumstances and even yourself gets the the way to completion and success. But it's not about either, as I discovered. It's about just living and getting on with one's life. Time is yours, whether it's spent in afternoon naps, watch marathons of your favorite TV show, wandering the Internet looking and pondering, listening to music, reading a book, walking around with a camera seeing things, learning about Photoshop, thinking about life, paying bills and managing your budget, writing letters to friends, reading forums, working on Web pages, etc.

In short, the year went by. I'm farther along in some areas, not as far as I wanted in other areas, and have started new areas and directions. Such is life. What I planned happened, just not what I originally planned. And so I have no resolutions for the New Year, just a few themes in my life.

The first is my photography. After waiting the whole year on promises about the Layton L-45A 4x5 camera, which is still in production - hopefully due next winter-spring, I purchased a Horseman 45HD. If you're familar with 4x5 cameras, you're likely saying, "Huh?" Ok, it's a simple camera, no back movement, limited lenses (120mm to 240mm), and limited front controls. But that's its beauty, simplicity. It will do most of my nature/landscape photography with two of my lenses. But more importantly it will teach me the basics of setup, focusing, exposure, film and film handling.

The second is my photography, part two. I'm getting a digital SLR camera system. There are lots of good to excellent ones out there, both by brand and models, so it's clearly a personal choice of which one anyone uses. So, comments aren't appreciated unless it's positive and about the one I'm getting, otherwise it's just your experience and opinion, nothing more. Ok? And what do I plan to get (or got by the time you read this)? A Canon 5D. I wanted a full frame sensor (sorry, I don't like that multiplier idea or effect). The rest of the system is a flash, lenses, and related equipment.

The third is my Website. If you read the last column I added a MySpace Webblog for the daily stuff I see with the incidental ideas I come across. It's free and relatively easy to use. Otherwise, I'll progress with the Website as it is, adding new photo galleries, columns to all three series, life, real-life adventure, and LF photography. Sorry, there won't be a digital column series, there's too many already. And I'll continue on the Mt. Rainier photography guide for the spring hiking and photography season.

The fourth is simply life itself. With photography, Website, columns, exercising, and my real-life adventure, there's not much room for more except sleeping, eating and errands of life. So that's it for me. I wish you the best to set your plans, goals optional. And remember to take time to enjoy the journey along the way. It's what it's all about in the end.

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