Mr Bush

Dear Mr. Bush,

I read the recent article about your efforts to expand the meaning of the war in Iraq to be an all-inclusive war of good versus evil. Ah, what happened to the good old days of simple explanations why we went to war and are in Iraq? Or did you forget, despite knowning the truth and without a after-war strategy plan, you went ahead anyway? Remind me again what you said then? Oh, you say that doesn't matter anymore, it's about spreading democracy, preventing terrorism in other countries, and keeping terrorist out of the US.

Well, you know, as the saying goes, when you drive over a cliff, you narrow your option by quite a bit. And although flying feels good, you still have to land somewhere sometime. Oh, I forgot, you decided to leave that for the next President, to clean up your mess. What a guy, you created the world's greatest mess and will retire to my Texas ranch with a good annuity and lots of political support to sell to the highest corporate bidders.

While you were focused on Iraq, trying to sell the idea of nation building in a country that has never seen or understands democracy, or were you out to lunch when they explained the history of Iraq to you in the Whitehouse, North Korea has nuclear weapons and the rockets to deliver them now, Afghanistan is experiencing a resurgence of the Taliban, many nations in Africa are a mess, like Darfur, terrorism worldwide is increasing, and Americans are less safe today than 3 years ago. The last by the infamous intelligence agencies you blamed for the faulty information.

While you were selling small issues on abortion, estate tax, corporate tax relief, and so on, you have managed to drive the deficit to record levels, likely we'll never recover, and managed to sell our countries assets, our people, to the foreign nations for lower wages, less benefits, and no real promises of a real future. You have managed to turn a positive future into a negative one with no end in sight.

While you were vacationing in Texas, you sacrificed the people of New Orleans to political cronies who couldn't save themselves let alone millions of people after hurricane Katrina. In short you let the people of this nation down, and you're planning to walk out leaving the mess for the next President to fix, where you'll take credit for it? And for what?

Sadly, Mr. Bush we have two more years of you, and hopefully with a Democratic-controlled Congress we may actually get to the truth and the reality of your Administration. You're the tale of the Emperor with no clothes. How do you think history will define your Presidency? I can only hope you live long enough to realize the truth.

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