The Emperor's New Suit

Everyone either knows or should know the tale of the Emperor's new suit. It's been used frequently as a metaphor for a variety of circumstances in life and everything else people can relate it to. In recent years this has been applied to President Bush, "the younger" as Arandati Roy calls him, and his view of the Presidency, especially with the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, besides the issues of abortion, drugs, marriage, etc.

So, how am I implying he has no clothes. I was listening to his latest news conference chatisizing people who want to "cut and run" in Iraq and we should stay the course. Why do we continue to accept the simplistic view he espouses to the world. Does he realize the world, and especially Iraq, isn't a black and white issue? Why can't he see the reality, or does he really want to see reality? You get the impression he's just not listening anymore. So how long does he want us to stay?

As noted in other speeches and through others he has made it clear he plans to "stay the course" until 2009 when he leaves this mess to the next President. While the active duty and retired commanders have made it clear the situation in Iraq isn't getting better, and the experienced analysists have made it clear Iraq will not be a democracy under the terms the President wants or describes, he maintains his determination things are getting better, and we won't leave until the job is done.

And he keeps saying anyone who disagrees with him and his view is a "Cut and Run" person. Yet, many are saying it's time for a plan that is flexible but has goals about withdrawal of all military support, not just troops, but also logistics, air support, intelligence, etc. And this plan should have a schedule we can present to the Iraqi government with goals for both sides to meet, and consequences if not. That's not cut and run, but diplomacy.

Why do we accept this and not demand answers to his promises about the situation and leaving? Well, the answer is fairly simple. He has used his political capitol he claimed he had and planned to use it. In short, he has no capitol anymore because he only imagined he had it in first place in he's like our budget, deeply in debt to the public for help. So when we will get the child to look at the President and exclaim, "He has no clothes!"?

Will he understand if the House and/or Senate fall to the Democrats this November?

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