Mr. Bush's contradiction

Let's say I'm angry over the September 11, 2001 hype. Not the people who suffered, they deserve all the help they need. Nor the people who helped that day, the deserve all the recogntion they earned sacrificing for others, including some who died, that day. I'm angry with the politics of it and Mr. Bush's use of the day in the name of terrorism with the war in Iraq.

Ok, let's step backward a bit in time. If you remember Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney and everyone associated with them made the claim, yet they continue to deny it, that the attack on September 11th was the work of Saddham Hussein. Yet 15 of the hijackers were Saudi's and the rest from other Arab nations than Iran or Iraq, such as Eygpt. The 9/11 Commission and recent reports have shown there was no connection between Iraq and 9/11. So why do so many people still believe it? That's a go figure.

So why did they say it then and deny it now? Mr. Bush even admited recently there was no connection. The war in Iraq was about, as we were told, WMD's and the possibility he could attack the US. Huh? He just fought a 9 year war with Iran, we our support (see connection between Rumsfeldt and Hussein) and his resources were decimated. Osama Bin Laden put Hussein on his hit list of anti-Muslim States to overthrow. Now he's saying it was about regime change, the proverbial "The world's a better place without him." Like Iraq is now? Go figure that one too.

So why do they now make the connection between terrorism and Iraq today? That's a tough one, but just maybe we created it? If you listen to the experts on the Middle East and on terrorism, they'll tell you we have created the best recruiting poster nation and training ground for terrorists in the world with our presence in Iraq. Why attack us here when they can fight agains the best trained and armed military in the world there? And they have the best political PR you can imagine, "See, there really are terrorists there!" But they weren't there then. Go figure again?

So why do they make the connection between terrorism and security? Again, that's a tough one, but I'll try to make the case it's a false reality, and it's about power and control. If you listen to their talk, you'll see they don't know who the terrorist are, but they want, and have been doing illegally, the right to spy on citizens anywhere and anytime, and arrest you on secret evidence to hold you indefinietly as a terrorist without you having any rights. Don't believe me? They did that to a Portland man last year and quietly released him 3 months later without charges.

You see the terrorists aren't really known or public figures, so our government has to bypass FISA, overlook the Constitution and Bill of rights, and violate the laws to spy on Americans. Why on us? We're not the terrorist. I'll say it again and again, none of the laws against citizens over airline security, public building (photography, access, etc.), speaking and reporting, etc. has resulted in one conviction for terrorism.

Has it occurred to anyone the terrorist aren't US citizens, foreign nationals, or other nations, but our own elected officials? Just a thought here, but why is Mr. Bush proposing to overthrow our government in the name of terrorism? He threatens citizens who advocate the actions against this country and its laws, but the Surpreme Court has decided he's doing the same thing. Isn't he acting like one himself?

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