Ok, the curmudgeon got a MySpace Web page profile and blog. It took awhile to learn the setup, remember I'm older than many who are already on MySpace, and sometimes new technology challenged, and get a blog started, but it slowly dawned on me it's kinda' cool. I don't use it for friends, although the public can add comments, I like it for the small daily things I see and hear where I can comment, remembering the saying, once it's there it's there for everyone to read, so don't say anything you wouldn't want your mother to hear or read in the newspaper.

So far I have only one friend, but that's sufficient. She's a great friend I've known over a number of years through a lot of things in her life, albeit a distant e-mail and Internet friend. She's a mind-blowing poet and person, and a terrific woman. I put her on my list of women I've known who have a place in my heart mind. I love women with their own sense of being, and it's not just about being a woman but a human being and a person. And that's the beauty of being a human being, we're complex and complicated.

And to that I thank you Danielle for letting me be your friend and for whatever small help I've been in your life. And for seeing MySpace isn't so bad after all.

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