I'm back

Well, after a nearly two month vacation, I'm resuming my column. So, what happened and why the return just after Christmas? And is this an early New Year's resolution, to be productive here again? Well, yes and no. I've decided to move in a different direction with the columns, to still focus on the things and issues I have been here, but lesser ones on my MySpace Webblog for the day to day issues and comments on life and world events. In addition my real-life adventure column series will also continue as I find ideas, issues and things to present.

So? Ok, it was an interesting time when I stopped in late October. First I fell into a fairly deep depression that took several weeks to get through and back on the upward side of life. It took another month or so to get back near where I was before. It turned out to be a combination of some prescription drugs and health supplements. I reduced the drugs and finally stopped one supplement in the last two weeks, and despite the cloudy skies here, the sun is shining inside my soul and spirit now, albeit a winter one at best.

And life? Well, it continued as it always does, and sometimes we just float through it. To borrow the Buddhist adage, "I swept the floor." for two months, sorting out the dust of life, cleaning the corners of my soul, clearing the cobwebs from my spirit, and restoring the warmth to my heart. And with every one of us, we each harbor our own dark, hidden secrets where even we're afraid to go, but must for our own survival. Sometimes you just have to sit down and pay attention to yourself.

And as the saying goes to this thread, "WTF?" Well put. Not really much except a ramble into uncertainity and that's the beauty of chaos, it doesn't matter where you wander, anywhere is different. As the saying goes, "I'm on a journey across a personal desert, without map or compass." My own mental Sahara. The neat thing is that you just start walking, anywhere is forward. And as Satchel Page said, "Don't look back. Something may be gaining on you."

Ok, the holidays? Let's just say they're going by this year, and I plan to renew things after the New Year. It's a year later after I retired December 31, 2005. In some ways I'm back to square one, but a different square one, not better or worse, just different, and with a whole year of experience behind me to go forward. I'll see you there in future columns here and on MySpace, and through my Website.

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