Watching the President's recent road speeches, I came to the conclusion someone should thump him. Not to hurt him, but to get his attention on reality.

I was reminded of my first year with the USGS in 1978 in Eugene, Oregon Field Office. Our field office chief had called an office meeting, all four of us, the three field technicians and the secretary. While I was sitting waiting for the meeting to start, the oldest technician walked in, sat down, and leaned a baseball bat against the chief's desk. He then opened his notebook.

Since it was my first meeting, pretty much everything was over my head, but the bat was a "Hmmmm..., What have I gotten into here." Anyway, after a while I asked Dwayne, "What was the baseball bat was for at the meeting." After a pause to light his pipe, he said, "Well, if you want to make a point, sometimes you need something to get their attention."

I wouldn't do that to our President, but I sure would consider leaning over the table across from him, and thumping him on the forehead and saying, "What are you thinking?"

I am reading a book about the brain, and the author, who's a neuropsychiatrist with a MD and PhD, states that we're born with a balance between a positive and negative outlook in our brains, the left-right half balance. But in some people the balance doesn't occur in the womb and they end up either overly happy or depressed people. And both have their mental and physical health problems associacted with this imbalance.

And so we have a President with an imbalance to the happy side, literally not recognizing anything not happy in his view. It's thought this people just don't get it, they don't see that life and the world has a negative side. Their brain just doesn't have the makeup and connections to see both sides of life and reality.

So in the end, it wouldn't even pay to thump the President, and a baseball bat would only make a dent, and nothing would really change.

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