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Area Information

Advisories about Google map display and and about the Carbon River Road.

Note about map display.-- Many of the locations are centered around the some area, and as such will overlap the display icons for the locations. You might enlarge that area to see the many locations in that area.

Note on length of trails.-- The mileage on the length of the trails are one-way unless noted, such as "loop" or "roundtrip" meaning there are multiple trails to and from the trailheads, common with trails in the Paradise and Jackson Visitors Center area.

Note on NP Entrances.-- The northwest area has two separate entrances, the Carbon River entrance and the Mowich Lake entrance which are not connected except by sections of the Wonderland trail. This means you have to look at the choices and decide which entrance will fullfill your goals and plans.

This is why the list of locations provides them as separate sections. You should also read the description and information Web page on the area and the two sections as well as use this map to help determine the best places for your photography.

Photo Op Location Guide

The photo op locations are catagorized as:

   Vista, offering panoramic views from lookouts, peaks, turnouts, scenic stops, etc.;

   View, offering views of natural environment, such as forests, creeks, lakes, glaciers, etc.;

   Waterfall, offering views of commonly known or easily accessible waterfalls;

   Open Area, offering views of meadows and open alpine or glacier environments.

Map Information

Note about .-- The "information window" for each location has the following information:

    (1) name,
    (2) type and subtype,
    (3) location (latitude, longitude and elevation),
    (4) where (description),
    (5) access and accessibility, see trail guide,
    (6) description of location, and
    (7) notes.

This should provide the basic information to find the location and with the resources below, should provide additional informaton to determine if you want to find it.

Seasonal Information

Carbon River Entrance, is open at the NP Boundary to hikers, and to bikers, only on the Carbon River trail, to the Ipsut Campground. A backcountry permit is required for overnight stays.

There is a new Ranger Station at the Carbon River entrance. It's now located on the new land acquistion northwest of the NP boundary, see map. This station offers information and has some visitor necessities (restroom) along with parking for hiking the Carbon River trail. This adds the distance from the station and parking to the NP boundary to any trail distance.

Mowich Lake Entrance, The road closes in October or first heavy snowfall. The campground will be open with a permit through the fall and the winter.

Note.-- The highway (165) from Wilkerson splits about a mile ast the Fairfax bridge over the Carbon River where the highway continues to the Mowich Lake entrance to the NP and on to Mowich Lake. The secondary road goes to the Carbon River ranger station and NP entrance. These roads are not cleared during winter rain and snow storms until the weather has cleared so they may be blocked or have significant snow.

You can get more information at the news, access and conditions, and monthly reports Web pages.


Resources.--Below are sources for additional information about Mt. Rainier and the NP.

Please use the contact link to send e-mail.

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