Mt Rainier Fire Lookouts
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Lookout and Trail Guide

Trails to the current lookouts and old lookouts are catagorized as:

   Easy, a hike shorter than 3 miles or no significant elevation gain;

   Moderate, a hike of 3 to 6 miles or with some elevation gain, some hiking experience helpful;

   Hard, a hike of 6-10 miles or with significant elevation gain, some hiking experience necessary;

   Lookout Gone, Fire Lookout or Camp operated in NP but now gone.

Map Guide

The "information window" for each lookout has the following information:

    (1) lookout name and year built,
    (2) lookout latitude, longitude and elevation,
    (3) trail to lookout, trailhead elevation, trail distance and elevation gain,
    (4) Web page, maps and notes.

This should provide sufficient information to locate the lookout and with the other Websites, linked in the list, and books should provide enough informaton to determine if you want to find it.


As noted above, the hikes to lookouts vary in distance from a long day hike to a several day backcountry hike, but they all have one thing in common, a significant elevation gain, which means you need to be reasonably fit and experienced as a hiker for day hikes and more for backcountry hikes, especially when you add your photographer gear.

This is more important when you hike early in the season before the summer weather and mid-upper elevation snowmelt as the trail conditions and weather can be different than the trailhead, when and where you'll need the appropriate, layered clothes for rain and snow along with good boots for your hiking and photography work.


The next important information is where to find information and links, which are listed below.

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