Waterfalls in Mt. Rainier NP
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Access Guide

Access to the waterfalls are catagorized as:

   Easy, accessible by road or short trail, usually a tourist waypoint;

   Moderate, accessible via a trail within a half day hike;

   Hard, accessible via a weekend hike with overnight camping, backcountry permit required;

   Difficult, accessible via multi-day hike, 3 or more days, or via off-trail or scrambling and off-trail backcountry experience necssary and backcountry permit required.


The "information window" for each waterfall has the following information:

(1) the official name of the waterfall, or common or unofficial name if not official yet,
(2) the creek or river basin of the waterfall,
(3) latitude and longitude, in decimal degrees,
(4) the USGS 1:24,000 (7 1/2 minute) topographic map, and
(5) notes about the access from either a highway or trail.

This should provide sufficient information to locate the waterfall and with the other Websites, linked in the list, and books should provide enough informaton to determine if you want to find it.


There are 63 waterfalls in the NP with official names out of the several hundred waterfalls in the NP, many of which are small on creeks and often rarely visited and recognized, in part because it depends how you define a waterfall significantly different than just a part of the stream channel with common riffles.

For the purpose of the suite of Web pages with this photo guide all of the waterfalls with official names and located on USGS topographic and NPS maps are included. Waterfalls identified in other sources are also used when the name is commonly recognized by several sources and can be accurately identified and located on a map and in the field.

The waterfalls listed here and on the description and list of waterfalls Web page are found on a variety of maps, such as USGS topographic and trails maps, and with many on-line and computer map packages for Washington state. Some are easy accessible waterfalls, marked below and are makered on the roads in the NP with relatively easy car parking and hiking trails to the waterfalls.


Additional information for 200 waterfalls in and around the Park is available from Waterfalls Northwest. You can find sources for maps and download PDF files of USGS topo maps. Additional resources and information on waterfalls in the Park is available from the following list.

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