Backcountry Hikes in Mt. Rainier NP
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Advisories about Google map display and about the Carbon River Road. In addition, some areas have multiple uses and require enlargling that areas, eg. Mowich Lake and Sunrise, to properly display the different types.


The hikes are catagorized as:

   Backcountry Camp, location of wilderness (backcountry), drive-in camps noted;

   Wonderland Trail Camp, location of wilderness camps on the Wonderland Trail, drive-in camps noted;

   Trailhead, locations trailheads along highways or at visitors centers;

   Cache, locations for leaving or mailing caches.


Note about .-- The "information window" for each location has the following information:

    (1) Name and type of camp (catagory above).
    (2) Locaiton, latitude, longitude and elevation.
    (3) USGS topographic map Web page and sheet name.
    (4) Notes about the camp.

This should provide sufficient information to locate the lake and with the other Websites, linked in the list, and books should provide enough informaton to determine if you want to find it.


There isn't much I can say about advisories except listen the the NPS reports and the rangers. The backcountry rangers are the most experienced and helpful folks there. Ask, listen and heed their advise, and you won't go wrong. And keep up with the latest NPS information as you can.

And above all, please follow the rules and your permit. The rules are there for everyone's safety and protection of the resources. And the permit is to minimize the impact of your trip on the NP and for others. An advisory about glaciers.

Do not go on a glacier without experienced hikers or climbers and the proper equipment.

Glaciers are inviting to hike and explore. But they are dangerous for the inexperienced and ill-prepared hikers. Glaciers are very dynamic and constantly changing environments, so it's best to view and photograph them, but don't go on them without guides and equipment. A note about the wildflower and alpine meadows.

Stay on the designated paths and trails in the meadows, especially when snow covered.

You may not leave a trace, but others may not be so cautious and careful about their footprint in environmentally sensitive areas. This is especially important in the late snowmelt season where hiking on the thin snowpack can damage the fragile meadows underneath. In addition you will run the risk of being given a ticket by a Park Ranger for violating the rules (which all visitors accept when entering the NP).

A word about guns Beginning February 22, 2010, openly carrying guns in the NP is legal and concealed with a legal permit. However, there are a number of conditions, which you can find here with links to additional information.

It is illegal to carry a gun indoors and it is illegal to use or fire a gun anywhere in the NP.

This is especially important in the visitors areas, the campgrounds, on the trails, and in the backcountry. You can only openly carry a gun or concealed with the proper (state) permit) and nothing else. You can not unholster, use or discharge the weapon anytime or anywhere in the NP. The NPS has trained and instructed the park and backcountry rangers to treat all visitors as if they are carrying a gun unless it is clear the visitor is not carrying a gun.

This advisory is even more appropriate in the backcountry where some hikers prefer to carry a weapon for protection against wildlife, especially mountain lions and bears. But the rule still applies, you can not use or discharge a weapon. Although some hikers believe the danger is real but in reality not one hiker has been serious injured or killed by wildlife in the NP and there are alternatives which the NPS recommends (see the NPS newsletters).


Below are some resources, especially NPS pages for additional information.

Please use the contact link to send e-mail.

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