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As I'm working on the Mt. Rainier NP photography guide I've managed to collect a considerable number of books, articles and reports specifically written about Mt. Rainier NP or have significant parts of the book about Mt. Rainier NP. Some of the books have been superceded with newer editions and some are simply out of print, but most are available from local or on-line new and used bookstores.

All of the references listed here have been reviewed for inclusion in the list and all but a few are in my collection of material for the NP for the work with the photo guide. In addition I will add some personal notes about some which I feel better explains the book or its usefulness.


This section is for general information and background books, historical books, ethnography books, personal essays, and whatever else doesn't fit into the other catagories.

"Adventure Guide to Mount Rainier", Jeff Smoot, Chockstone Press, 1991.

"The Big Fact Book about Mount Rainier", Bette Filley, Dunamis House, 1996.

"Highway to Paradise: A Pictorial History of the Roadway to Mount Rainier", Gene Allen Nadeau, Valley Press, 1983.

"The Measure of the Mountain", Bruce Barcott, Sasquatch Books, 1997. Always a good read from a personal perspective.

"Mount Rainier National Park, Tales, Trails and Auto Tours", Jerry and Gisela Rohde, Mountain Home Books, 1996.

"Road Guide to Mount Rainier National Park", Barbara and Robert Decker, Double Decker Press, 1996.

"Wilderness in National Parks", John C. Miles, University of Washington Press, 2009. Mt. Rainier NP is discussed on pages 55-59.


This section is for books on the history of Mount Rainier NP.

"National Park City Park, Mount Rainier in the Twentieth Century", Theodore Catton, University of Washington Press, 2006.

"Takhoma, Ethnography of Mount Rainier National Park", Allan H. Smith, Washington State University Press, 2006. An update to the 1963 study.

"Washington State, The Inaugural Decade, 1889-1899", Robert E. Ficken, Washington State University, 2007.

"Mountain in the Sky: A History of Mount Rainier National Park", Arthur D. Martinson, Ph.D dissertation, Washington State University, 1966

"Wilderness Above the Sound, The Story of Mount Rainier National Park", Arthur D. Martinson, Roberts Rhinehart Press, 1994.

"Windshield Wilderness, Cars, Roads and Nature in Washington's National Park", David Louter, University of Washington Press, 2006.

Plants & Animals

This section is for nature books on Mt. Rainier NP.

"Alpine Flowers of Mount Rainier", Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, 2010, available from Burke Museum, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.

"Field Guide to the Rare Plants of Washington", edited Pamela Camp and John G. Gamon, University of Washington, 2011. Four plants are listed for the NP.

"Flora of Mount Rainier National Park", David Biek, Oregon State University Press, 2000.

"Forests of Mount Rainier", William H. Moir, Northwest Interpretive Association, 1989.

"Grater's Guide to Mount Rainier National Park", Russell K. Grater, Binford and Mort Publishers, Portland Oregon, 1949.

"Mammals of Mount Rainier National Park", Merlin K. Potts and Russell K. Grater, Mount Rainier Natural History Association, 1949.

"Mount Rainier, A Visitor's Campanian", George Wuerthner, Stackpole Books, 2000.

"A Pocket Guide to the Plants and Animals of Mount Rainier", Joe Dreimmiller, self-published through Elton-Wolf Publishing, 1999.

"Trees of Mount Rainier National Park", C. Frank Brockman, Unversity of Washington, 1949.

"The Trees of Mount Rainier, Susan McDougall, Sound Books, 2007.

"Washington's Best Wildflower HIkes", Charles Gurche, Westcliffe Publishers, 2004.

"Wildflower Hikes: Washington", Art Kruckeberg,Ira Spring and Craig Romano, The Mountaineers Books, 2004.

"Wildflowers of Mount Rainier", Laird R. Blackwell, Lone Pine Press, 2000.

"Wildflower Wonders, The 50 Best Wildflower Sites in the World", Bob Gibbons, Princeton Press, 2011.

Earth Science

This section is for earth science books on Mt. Rainier NP.

"Cascadia, The Geologic Evolution of the Pacific Northwest", Bates McKee, McGraw-Hill Books, 1972.

"Fire Mountains of the West", Stephen L. Harris, Mountain Press Publishing, 1988. Updated from the 1976 "Fire and Ice" edition.

"Hiking Washington's Geology", Scott Babcock and Bob Carson, Mountaineers Books, 2000.

"Hiking Guide to Washington Geology", Bob Carson and Scott Babcock, Keokee Books, 2000. Same book as above.

"Roadside Geology of Washington, David Alt and Donald Hyndman, Mountain Press Publishing, 1984.

"Waterfall Lover's Guide, Pacific Northwest", Gregory A. Plumb, Mounaineers Books, 2004.

"Waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest", David L. Anderson, Countryman Press, 2007.

"The Geology of Mount Rainier National Park", Howard A. Coombs, University of Washington, 1936.


This section is for hiking, climbing and recreation books and some historical and guide books. Please note that the older versions (pre-2008) of the trails and hiking books don't have the correct distance for the Carbon River Road trails.


"50 Hikes in Mount Rainier National Park", Ira Spring and Harvey Manning, Mount Rainier Natural History Association and Mountaineers Books, 1969, first edition.

"50 Hikes in Mount Rainier National Park", Ira Spring and Harvey Manning, Mountaineers Books, 1999. An updated version of the 1988 version, and replaced with "Day Hiking Mount Rainier", below.

"Day HIking Mount Rainier, National Parks Trails", Dan A. Nelson, Mountaineers Books, 2008. Replaces "50 Hikes in Mount Rainier National Park" editions.

"Day HIke Mount Rainier", Ron C. Judd, Sasquatch Books, 2002.

"Hiking Mount Rainier National Park", Heidi Schneider and Mary Skjelset, Falcon Press, 2005. Available in large and pocket sized versions.

"Mt. Rainier Trails", Paul Hodge, Sound and Mountains Publishing, 2006. The most comprehensive book on trails.

"Discovering the Wonders of the Wonderland Trail Encircling Mount Rainier", Bette Filley, Dunamis Press, 2006. This book is out of print but commonly available from used book sellers.

"One Best Hike: Mount Rainier's Wonderland Trail", Douglas Lorain, Wilderness Presss, 2013.

"Hiking the Wonderland Trail", Tami Asars, The Mountaineers Books, 2013.

"Guide to 100 Peak at Mount Rainier National Park", Mickey Eisenberg and Gene Yore, The Mountaineers Books, 2013. This book is only available in different e-book PDF and iTunes book format.


"The Challenge of Rainier", Dee Molenaar, Mountaineers Books, 1987.

"Mountain Fever, Historic Conquests of Rainier", Aubrey L. Harris, Univesity of Washington Press, 1962, reprinted 1999.

"75 Scrambles in Washington", Peggy Goldman, The Mountaineers Book, 2001.

"Washington Highest Mountains, Basic Alpine and Glacier Routes", Peggy Goldman, Wilderness Press, 2004.

"Cascade Alpine Guide, Climbing and High Routes, Volume 1: Columbia River to Stevens Pass", Fred Beckey, Mountaineers Books, 2000.

"Mount Rainier, A Climbing Guide", Mike Gauthier, Mountaineers Books, 2005.

Winter Recreation

"Snowshoe Routes of Washington", Dan A. Nelson, The Mountaineers Books, 2003.


This is a collection of books and publications which relate to the weather on and around Mount Rainier.

"Mountain Weather", Jeff Renner, The Mountaineers Books, 2005.

"Snow, Weather, and Avalanches: Observation Guidelines for Avalanche Program in the United States", American Avalanches Association, 2010.


This section is for photography and photo essay books on Mt. Rainier National Park.

"Color Hiking Guide to Mount Rainier", Alan Kearney, Frank Amato Publications, 1999. Limited print book.

"Mount Rainier", Don Geyer, Hancock House Press, 2005.

"Mount Rainier National Park", Ron Warfield, Sierra Press, 1998.

"Mount Rainier National Park Impressions", Charles Gurche, Farcountry Press, 2003.

"Mount Rainier National Park, Realm of the Sleeping Giant", Pat O'Hara and Tim McNulty, Woodlands Press.

"Mount Rainier, The Story behind the Scenery", Ray Snow, KC Publications, 2004. Two volume book.

"Mount Rainier, Views and Adventures", James Martin and John Harlin, Sasquatch Books, 2001.

"Washington's Mount Rainier National Park, A Centennial Celebration", Tim McNulty and Pat O'Hara, Mountaineers Books, 1998.

"Photographing Washington",Greg Vaughn, PhotoTripUSA Publishing, 2013. Chapter on Mt. Rainier NP.

"National Park Photography", Tim Fitzharris, AAA Publishing, 2002.


This section is for selected US government publications on Mt. Rainier or the NP. There is a ton of scientific studies published in reports and articles on Mt. Rainier by numerous agencies, far too many to list here, so the list is just some I find interesting.

State/Federal Agencies

" Roadside Geology of Mount Rainier National Park and Vicinity", Patrick Pringle, Washington Department of Natural Resources, Information Circular 107, 2009.

"Natural Vegetation of Oregon and Washington", Jerry Franklin and C.T. Dryness, USDA Forest Service, 1973. This edition has been updated.

National Park Service

"Features of the Flora of Mount Rainier National Park", J.B. Flett, National Park Service, 1922.

"Flora of Mount Rainier National Park", C. Frank Brockman, National Park Service, 1947.

"The Forest Communities of Mount Rainier National Park", Jerry Franklin, William Moir, etal., National Park Service, 1988."Flora of Mount Rainier National Park", C. Frank Brockman, National Park Service, 1947.

"Forests of Mount Rainier National Park", G.F. Allen, National Park Service, 1922.

"A Guide to the Trails of Mount Rainier National Park", National Park Service, 1950, Revised 1958, 1960, 1966.

"Kautz Mudflow: Self-Guided Nature Trail", National Park Service, revised 1967.

"Mammals and Birds of Mount Rainier National Park", Walter P. Taylor and William T. Shaw, National Park Service, 1927.

"Mount Rainier and Its Glaciers", F.E. Matthes, National Park Service, 1928.

"Mount Rainier National Park Washington Historic Resources Study", Erin N. Thompson, National Park Service, 1981.

"Short History of Mount Rainier National Park", Robert N. McIntyre, National Park Service, 1952.

"Mount Rainier National Park", General Information, National Park Service, various circulars, pamphlets, and visitor's guide, Annually to 1950. Years 1914, 1918, 1925, 1932, 1940, 1946 in my collection.

US Geological Survey

"Glaciers of Mount Rainier", Israel Cook Russell, and "The Rocks of Mount Rainier", by George Otis Smith, in US Geological Survey 18th Annual Report, 1896-97, Part II, pages 349-423.

"Mount Rainier Forest Reserve, Washington", Fred G. Plummer, US Geological Survey 21st Annual Report, 1899-1900, Part V, pages 81-143.

"Botanical Evidence of the Modern History of Nisqually Glacier, Washington", Robert A. Sigafoos and E. L. Hendricks, US Geological Survey Professional Paper 387-A, 1961.

"Geology of Mount Rainier National Park Washington", Richard Fiske, etal., USGS Professional Paper 444, 1963.

"Quaternary Stratigraphy and Extent of Glaciation in Mount Rainier Region, Washington", Dwight Crandell and Robert Miller, US Geological Survey Professional Paper 847, 1974.

"Sedimentology, Behavior, and Hazards of Debris Flows at Mount Rainier, Washington", K.M. Scott, J.W. Vallance and P.T. Pringle, USGS Professional Paper 1547, 1995.

"Surficial Geology of Mount Rainier National Park Washington", Dwight Crandell, USGS Bulletin 1288, 1969.

"A Visitor's Guide to Mount Rainer Glaciers", Carolyn Driedger (USGS), Pacific Northwest National Parks and Forests Association, 1986.

"Volcanic Hazards at Mount Rainier Washington", Dwight Crandell and Donal Mullineaux, USGS Bulleting 1238, 1967.

"The Geologic Story of Mount Rainier", Dwight Crandell, USGS Bulletin 1292, 1969, updated 1989.

"Geomorphic Change Caused by Outburst Floods and Debris Flows at Mount Rainier, Washington, With Emphasis on Tahoma Creek Valley", Carolyn Driedger, USGS Water Resources Investigations Report 93-4903, 1994.

"Water Quality of Selected Lakes in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington with Respect to Lake Acidification", G.L. Turney, N.P. Dion and S.S. Sumioka, USGS Water Resources Investigation Report 85-4254, 1986.

"Geomorphic Analysis of the River Response to Sedimentation Downstream of Mount Rainier, Washington", Jonathon A. Czuba, Christopher S. Magirl, etal., USGS Open-File Report 2012-1242, 2012.

"Atmospheric Deposition, Water Quality, and Sediment Data for Selected Lakes in Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks Washington, 2008-2010", Rich Sheibley, James R. Foreman, etal., USGS Data Series 721, 2012.

Pamphlets, Booklets, etc.

This is a collection of miscellaneous pamphlets, booklets, etc., I've discovered which are interesting, mostly from a historical perspective.

"Ice Cave Trail Guide", D.R. Crandell and Norman Bishop, Mount Rainier Natural History Association, 1968.

"The Paradise Ice Caves, Mount Rainier National Park Washington", William Halliday and Charles H. Anderson jr., Self-published, 1972.

"The Story of Mount Rainier National Park", Mount Rainier Natural History Association, 1940, Revised 1946, 1952.

Historical Publications

This is a collection of miscellaneous books I've discovered which are interesting, mostly from a historical perspective.

"Mount Rainer, A Record of Exploration", Edmond S. Meany, The MacMillan Company, 1916.

"Our Greatest Mountain, A Handbook for Mount Rainier National Park", F. W. Schmoe, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1925.

"Our Greatest Mountain and Alpine Regions of Wonder", A. H. Barnes, National Park Art Series, 1911. This is a pre-publication verson of a formal NPS publication in 1916.

"Mount Rainier, It's Human History Association", H. E. Rensch, National Park Service, Field Division of Eduction, 1935. A typewritten report for educators.

"The First Ascent of Takhoma", Hazard Stevens, Atlantic Monthly, November 1876.

Journal/Magazine Articles

This is a collection of primarily older information and scientific articles about Mt. Rainier and the NP. They're mostly useful of historical interest to see what conditions were like when the research was done and the article published.

The Mountaineers, Annual issue, published 1907-1980. The early years has several articles about Mt. Rainier, which are listed below.

    "The Glaciers of Mount Rainier", Israel Russell, Vol. 2, pg. 16-25, 1908.
    "Mapping Mount Rainier", F.E. Matthes, Vol. 3, pg. 53-54, 1910.
    "The Undescribed Glacies of Mount Rainier", F.E. Matthes, Vol 5, pg. 42-57, 1912.
    "Changes in Willis Wall", JB Flett, Vol. 5, pg. 63-65, 1912.
    "Around Mount Rainier with the Mountaineers", P.G. Rogers, Vol. 8, pg. 9-26, 1915.
    "Explorations in the Early Eighties", Bailey Willis, Vol. 8, pg. 46-48, 1915.
    "The Survey of Mount Rainier", F.E. Matthes, Vol. 8, pg. 61-66, 1915.
    "The Geological Study of Mount Rainier", E.J. Saunders, Vol. 8, pg. 67-72, 1915.
    "The Glaciers of Mount Rainier", R.H. McKee, Vol. 8, pg. 73-74, 1915.
    "Our National Park", Roger W. Toll, Vol. 12, pg. 24-24, 1919

"A Distributional and Ecological Study of Mount Rainier, Washington", Walter P. Taylor, Ecology, Vol 3, No 3, July 1922, pg 214-236.

"Estimated Erosion Rates on Mount Rainier, Washington", Hugh H. Miles, Geology, Vol 4, No 7, July 1976, pg 401-406.

"The Latest Eruptions from Rainier Volcano", Clifford A. Hopson, etal, The Journal of Geology, Vol 70, No 6, Nov. 1962, pg 635-647.

"The Recession of Glaciers in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington", C. Frank Brockman, Journal of Geology, Vol 46, No 5, July-Aug 1938, pg 764-781.

"A 6,000-Year Record of Forest History on Mount Rainier, Washington", Peter W. Dunwiddle, Ecology, Vol 67, No 1, 1986, pg 58-68.

"Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Trees in Subalpine Meadows of Mount Rainier National Park, Washington", Regina M. Rochefort and David L. Peterson, Artic and Alpine Research, Vol 28, No 1, Feb 1996, pg 52-59.

"Thirty-Three Years of Plant Succession on Kautz Creek Mudflow, Mount Rainier National Park", Peter Frenzen, etal, Canadian Journal of Botany, Vol 66, 1988, pg 130-137.


There are a lot of resources with on-line used and historical publications sellers and on-line card catalogs for many universities, inlcuding several in my area, eg. University of Washington and the University of Puget Sound which opens the door to a lot of choices to find material.

It's a whole different world when I researched my MS thesis in the mid-1970's, from the catalogs to on-line copies (free or fee) for many journals and magazines to the world for resellers of original print documents, publications or books. Many of the resources here were found and obtained through all these new resources.

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