Mt Rainier NP Weather Sites and Data
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 Two NRCS SNOTEL sites have been addded, the Corral Pass site northeast of the northeast corner of the NP and north of Crytal Mountain Resort, and the Skate Creek Site south of the southwest area of the NP, popular for access to the southern part of the NP and the wilderness area south of the NP.

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Note.--The USGS discontinued the Buck Creek Camp weather site just outside the northeast area of the NP September 30, 2008. Contact the USGS for additional information.

Weather Site Markers

The markers are catagorized by the agency:

   NRCS - Natural Resources Conservation Service;

   NPS - National Park Service;

   NWS - National Weather Service;

   USGS - US Geological Survey.

Weather Site Information

The "information window" for each weather site displays the following information about the site:

    (1) site name,
    (2) agency site identification,
    (3) latitude, longitude and elevation,
    (4) types of data with link to Website for data,
    (5) location information.

This should provide sufficient information to locate the weather site. The other Websites for the agencies listed below will provide additional informaton.

Additional Resources

The next important information is where to find information and links, which are listed below.

Please use the contact link to send e-mail.

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