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Description of road trips
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Advisories about Google map display and about the Carbon River Road. You should also check the status and conditions Web page to ensure the roads, visitor centers, etc. are open.

Location Guide

The locations are catagorized as:

   Visitors Center, for information, restaurants, museums, and other tourist interests;

   Park Entrance, for highway access to the different areas of the National Park;

   Photo, for locations of photo opportunities outside of visitors centers;

   Highway, for state highways through the National Park.


Note about .-- The "information window" for each location has the following information:

    (1) name,
    (2) highway and quadrant,
    (3) latitude and longitude,
    (4) NPS Website and USGS maps,
    (5) type or location of point,
    (6) photo notes, eg. views and choices.

This should provide sufficient information with the books and Websites to determine if you want to stop.

Additional Resources

Below are some publications and Websites which provide addtional information. There are more information resources and books and reports

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