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I want to thank the folks who have sent suggestions for the Web pages on the photography guide to Mt. Rainier National Park. I anticipate incorporating all of them into the pages, and I can only apologize that it will take some time. The suggestions received to date are listed below.

Suggestion 1.-- Have the latest information or links to the latest information on weather and snowpack conditions, along with trails reports. Much of this is on-line in diverse sources and can be consolidated along with other current information which effects travel to the NP.

I have replaced and updates the weather data and information and snow data and sites blog entries with a series of Web pages on weather information, map of sites, weather data, and snow data.

Suggestion 2.-- Wildflower information. That's a great one and will take time how to present it so it's helpful for both general information (types, locations, seasonality, etc.).

This is now available as a wildflower guide with a map to the different wildflower areas and meadows.

Suggestion 3.-- Maps, especially USGS quadrants. That's common information at recreation stores but easily doable to make knowing them easier. I have to sort out if there is an on-line map (have the paper version) to help along with other on-line map sources.

This has been done at

Suggestion 4.-- Detailed trail guides, especially in consideration of older photographers. That's a great one and also doable in the Web pages since few trails are accessible with wheeled equipment carriers. This is one I had planned to make an on-going report as I hike more trails. Most of my experience is the southwest (Nisqually) area as it's the closest.

To answer the question of paved trails, there are three areas with asphalt trails accessible with wheeled equipment carts or for disabled people. The first is at Paradise north of the Jackson visitors center and Pardise Inn. The trial has set of short trails around the area and a longer one for about a mile up to the vista. The second is at Narada Falls which is short to a view of the falls. The third is at Sunrise around the visitors area and up to the ridge to the other trails.

Suggestion 5.-- Photo guide for sunrise/sunset conditions. This will take some time to sort out, but doable at least as a general guides with links to sources for more information.

I have added a Web page for sun and moon information, such as sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset, rise and set aziumuth, and links to Websites which have additional information.

Suggestion 6.--Guide to the less photographed areas.

This is doable but for the most part outside of the visitor areas, the roads and the short hikes to prime photographic areas, the whole NP is less photographed. I would guess 90+% of the NP falls in the catagory of less photographed except by backcountry hikers.

That said, it's a great idea as I've heard it from friends who are backcountry hikers or climbers who would love to see serious to professional photographers in those areas, and outside of a few of them, like Pat O'Hara, they're rare. This one is on a to think to do list.

Suggestion 7.--Add overviews for the seasons.

This has been started with the winter season and a map of areas open for winter visitors and photographers.

An overview description is done and the other three seasons are on the to do list, hopefully the spring pages to be ready by April, the summer ones by June and the fall ones by September. Note hopefully as there are also a lot of other pages to do as well.

Suggestion 8.--Advisories about low impact in critical areas.

There isn't a Web page for this but every Web page which has descriptions for those areas has advisories to be careful and follows the signs and regulations. But some type of Web page is a good idea and will be added to the list of pages to develop.

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