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Winter Photography Guide

Locations are catagorized as:

   Visitors Center, for information, restaurants, museums, and other tourist interests;

   Park Entrance, highway access to the different areas of the National Park;

   Campground, established campground for camping, campers and recreational vehicles;

   Highway, state highways through the National Park.


Note about .-- The "information window" for each winter location has the following information:
Please note the access information is for the winter season (mid-late October to early-mid May).

    (1) Name and quadrant,
    (2) Latitude and Longitude,
    (3) Link to NPS Website,
    (4) Access information during the winter season,
    (5) Photo Opportunities during the winter season.

This should provide sufficient information for each winter location and with the other Websites, linked in the list, and books should provide enough informaton to determine if you want to find it.

Seasonal Conditions

December is the first month of full winter operations through April, see access and conditions for information about the NP. The Nisqually entrance in the southwest is the only entrance open through the winter, all the rest are closed for the season as is the north-south highway (410 and 123) over Cayuse Pass on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains.

In addition there are restrictions on roads and for travellers through the winter. The first of these is that all vehicles must carry chains while in the NP. Chains are readily available at almost every tire store in western Washington, many with return policies in the spring if they were not used during the winter.

Out of state and international travellers.-- This also means visitors coming to the area and renting vehicles must ensure the vehicle has chains. This is often a common practice with car rental agencies in the winter, but it is best to always ask and ensure chains are included in the rental and vehicle.

The second restriction is the road between Longmire and Paradise is controlled in two places. The first place is a gate about a mile east of Longmire. The gate is closed to uphill traffic everyday at 5 pm and not reopened in the following morning except Tuesdays adn Wednesdays, see note below, until the road is checked and cleared for travel. You can check the status each day with the NP's Twitter account.

The second place is just west of the Nisqually Bridge before the uphill road to Paradise where restrictions will be enforced for vehicles for proper tires, and chains based on road conditions and the weather between the Nisqually Bridge and Paradise.

Note.--The road above Longmire to Paradise is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays through the winter of 2012-13, until later in the spring, depending on the snowpack and weather. Anyone at Paradise after the gate is locked on Monday will not be permitted to leave until Thursday morning after the road is open. This is new this year so please plan your trip with this in mind.

An additional restriction either on the road from Longmire to Paradise or for the NP at the entrance is when emergency conditions such as landslides close the road or situations occur when and where search and rescue efforts are being conducted in the NP.

You can get more information at the news, access and conditions, and monthly reports Web pages.

Additional Resources

Below are some books and resources for additional information.

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