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Notes about my blog

Before you read the individual posts on this blog, I need to add some notes to guide you on the different catagories of columns in the older posts. Many of the newer posts in the different catagories have been moved to their own blog or only indicated by the catagory with the blog. Links to indexes of each type are listed with each acronym and on the bottom of this Webpage.

The catagories for older posts my WSR Photo blog are:
No Acronym - Photography - related to photography - and my views on photography, see blog index.
JMO - Just My Opinion - which is just what it is, my opinion, see blog index.
LWD* - Living with Dysthymia, which has been moved to its own blog and blog index
MLS - My Life in Stories - essays about my experiences in life, see blog index.
NPR - Not Photographically Related - meaning it's about life and other issues, see blog index.
STL - Small Things in Life - essays on the bits and pieces of a life.
TAO* - Photo Student of the Tao, which has been moved to its own blog and and blog index.
WSR - about my Website, explanation and history.
  * - An asterick (*) indicates a change, as noted.

The catagories for my News and Opinions blog are:
No Acronym - News and Opinons on the news.
WSR - About my Website.

The catagories for my Mt. Rainier NP blog are:
No Acronym - news and information, see blog index.
WSR - about my Website.
  strike - A strike through indicates the post has been updated with a later post.

You can get a complete index of the columns for each catagory at:
My Thoughts and Experience and Learning of Taoism with photography;
My Large Format camera and Canon 5D camera adventures;
My Thoughts and Ideas, Thoughts on Life, Life in Stories; and
My News and Opinion Website.

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