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DRG Topographic Maps on Mt Rainier NP
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Updates.-- First (November 2010) the Web page was updated for new links when it was discovered the server for the maps had changed at the University of Washington Geomorphology Group. Second (April 2012) the Web page was updated with the year of the initial map production and any updated editions.

Above are a sections of the USGS map index for the 1:24,000 topographic maps for Mt. Rainier National Park. Each of the twelve 7 1/2 minute (1:24,000) topographic maps are available by the USGS in DRG format courtesy of the Geomorphological Research Group at the University of Washington. The production of the maps are explained here and you should read the accompanying information about the files on the individual index Web page.

Notes about files.-- The maps, also listed below, are compressed zip files produced in TIF format files which can be viewed, edited and printed with any image viewer or photo editor. The files are large, 6.5 to 7.0 Mbytes, so you will need the accompanying disk space to accommodate. In addition, since the original maps were obtained, they may not have been updated with revisions by the USGS. You can check the revision date on the map in the lower right-hand corner of the map. You may need to purchase updated digital files directly from the USGS, identifed on the map Web page.

USGS DRG files topographic maps by name, see Map Index
Print Year (Update Year)

Northern Maps
Golden Lakes - 1971
Mowich Lake - 1971
Sunrise - 1971
White River Park - 1971
Norse Peak - 1971 (2000)
Central Maps
Mt Wow - 1971
Mt Rainier West - 1971
Mt Rainier East - 1971
Chinook Pass - 1971 (1987)
Cougar Lake - 1971 (2000)
Southern Maps
Sawtooth Ridge - 1971 (1989)
Wahpenayo Peak - 1971 (1989)
Tatootsh Lakes - 1971 (1989)
Ohanapecosh - 1971 (1989)
White Pass - 1971 (1998)

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