Mount Rainier National Park
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There is an enormous amount of print and on-line information about and photography of Mt. Rainier and the National Park (NP), and another Webdsite appears to be just another one on the beauty of "The Mountain", as it's locally known, and the NP. My Web pages are developed around my personal view and experience, which started when friends and I hiked to the ice caves in August 1977. When I returned to the Pacific Northwest in 1987 I renewed my experience with the NP.

In researching Mt. Rainier NP I found there are quite a number of guides about the NP covering every possible subject, but only few, and recent, photography guides. Before these, listed below, the last one I've found was done in the mid-1950's. And in my hiking over the years I've met a lot of people taking photographs, from the tourist to the professional photographer, and almost all those photographs are taken within walking distance from the highways, vistas and visitor centers. Only the backcountry guide books and a few photography essay books on the NP have photographs outside the commonly photographed areas.

Sometime in the mid-1990's I decided to explore developing a photography guide, but as life would have it, it didn't happened then. I've since retired in part to explore this work more seriously, and although I don't know where it will go, I have made a life goal to work on one. As I've asked friends, "What could be worse than spending my retirement exploring hiking and photographing Mt. Rainier NP?"

Below are some publishing sites with photography guides and photos to Mt. Rainier National Park. The foldout guide and map, first one, have excellent locations and examples for photo opportunities for the southern and norhtern halves of the NP, and the two last guides may help with a general overview and details in some areas.

The goal with my photography guide is to provide an overview of areas with detailed information as I find or learn about them. If you have some experience in the NP you're willing to share, or have questions or suggestions about the guide or Mt. Rainier NP, please send me e-mail. You can also check the Mt. Rainier NP suggestion Web page for ideas previously submitted or done.

When you plan to visit Mt. Rainier NP, there are a number of excellent on-line guides to the NP along with the many guides found in bookstore or on-line. Some on-line sources on Mt. Rainier NP and the Cascade Mountains are:

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