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Many of the Web pages in the photography guide to Mount Rainier National Park have references, often with links, to books, and links to other Websites for additional information. Most of the other Websites are government Websites, but some are other types, such as photographers, news organizations, outoor and recreation organizations, etc. The goal of this guide is to provide you the greatest amount of information I find which is relevant to the guide.

In reviewing and adding the references and information to the photography guide, all of the books listed, referenced or linked to Websites have been purchased and reviewed for inclusion in the guide. And all of the linked Websites have been visited and reviewed for the information, relevance and importance to the work. And while I provide these references, information and links, I have no affiliation to and do not gain financially from this service to them or in my work.

Please note some of the links are often changed at the source and I don't discover it until later. I apologize for the broken links and will fix them when I find them. To that end I finally purchased and installed a link checker for this purpose and work. But it takes time to find the correct one or remove it if it's not replaceable.

I provide the materials, information and links because I find it appropriate for the users of this photography guide to know and use if and as they want or need to in their work. It is not an endorsement on my part to them or their work, but simply a choice I make to provide it to you to make your own judgement on its usefulness.

In addition, all of the material, information, references and links in this photography guide are not copyrighted material or photos of others, and as such is not in violation of any laws. All the information is either in the public domain or considered public knowledge which can not be copyrighted in and of itself, but only in the manner written or presented.

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