Bike Roads and Trails in Mt. Rainier NP
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Guide to Map
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Advisories about Google map display and about the Carbon River Road. You can get a list with descriptions of the bike roads and trails in the NP.

Trail Rating Guide

The hikes are catagorized as:

   Highway, Two lane highway, usually narrow without bike lanes but with turnouts and reststops;

   Unpaved, Unpaved one or two lane road, shared with cars when open for season (except Oly Puyallup Road);

   Trail, Old road and trail shared with hikers (use caution in limited sight areas);

   Off Limits, Off-limits to all bikes.


Please note.--Bicycles of any type are not permitted on trails except the Carbon River road and trail, and only to the Ipsut campground and not on any trail off this road and trail. There are no designated bike trails and bikes are only permitted on roads, around the NP, the visitors areas, such as Longmire, Paradise and Sunrise, at the designated campgrounds, such as Cougar Rock and Ohanopecosh, and the Carbon River road and trail.

The "information window" for each road or trail has the following information:

    (1) name,
    (2) location (latitude/longitude),
    (3) type of road in quadrant in NP,
    (4) USGS topo map,
    (5) notes on road or trail,
    (6) NPS Website for information.

This should provide sufficient information to locate the trail or road and with the other Websites, linked in the list, and books should provide enough informaton to determine if you want to find it.

Areas around the NP.--There are numerous bike roads and trails in the US Forest Service lands around the NP, many listed in the books listed below. These are usually USFS roads shared with cars or trails shared with hikers, so you should use caution when riding to avoid cars and not injure hikers. And all USFS lands requires a recreation permit to park and use the lands, more information.

Additional Resources

Below are additional books and Websites with information on mountain bike trails in and around Mt. Rainier NP.

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