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Updated April 11,2015

You can get the latest information at the blog about the equipment sale.

Minolta Collection Sold

April 11, 2015.-- Today the entire collection, minus 4 cameras and 10 lenses I'll keep, was sold to KEH at a photography gear sale and swap meet in Kent, Washington. They gave me a fair price for the whole collection, mostly based on the camera bodies and lenses, the rest of the collection was to unload it for them to sale. It was boxed and shipped the following week.

Minolta Gear for Sale

I kept some pieces of the collection from the sale to KEH, mostly because they wouldn't fetch a fair price as part of the collection and there is a good demand for them. One of them is a MD 135mm f2 lens which is in excellent condition, see description and photos of the lens. The price is $600, shipping in the US included.

Large Format Lenses for Sale

I still have 3 large format lenses for sale if you are interested or know anyone who is interested in adding lenses to their set. The lenses are a Schneider Super Angulon 90mm f5.6, an APO-Symmar 180mm f5.6 and a Symmar-S MC 300mm f5.6. All are in mint condition, and asking $300 for the 90mm, $400 for the 180mm lens, and $700 for the 300mm, or $1,300 for the three, shipping in the US included.

Purchase Information

For now I'm am only accepting cashiers check or US Postal Order. All pieces of equipment to be prepaid, preferably with tracking to ensure it arrives. I will notify you when payment is received and cleared either by deposit or cash. At that time, unless specified differently, the piece(s) will be shipped USPS priority mail with tracking, and the tracking information will be forwarded to you to follow it.

Payments can be sent to:

Scott Knowles
WSR Photography
2407 Cliffside Lane NW, B302
Gig Harbor, WA 98335-1677
USA (if sent outside the US)

Telephone: 253-851-6848

The price for all pieces includes shipping (above) within the US. Shipping outside the US will not be included in the price. The buyer should specify what carrier and priority they prefer, and I will get an estimate. If it is near the amount for shipping in the US, there will be no additional charge. If not, a proportional charge will be included for you to agree before you make payment.

All the equipment is in excellent condition, all cleaned and pretested. Returns are not expected or accepted unless there is clear and obvious reason for the return. And it must be agreed by me to accept it and return payment based on the reason, piece of equipment when returned. In short, you buy as is. It's all great gear in excellent condition.

Personal Notes

I understand sending money on the promise of the equipment. I've been through this from both side numerous times. You can check my buyer rating on Ebay (although old) for wsrphoto.

You can direct inquires to staff at WSR Photography.

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