Seattle University District Street Fair

Our trusty, dusty photographer had some errands in Seattle around the University District and decided to go the Saturday morning of the Univeristy District Street Fair, particularly early to get photographs of people during their setup and earlybirds. Also, since these fairs usually fill with people fairly quickly, and by the end of the second hour it's usually too full to do much but walk around. I ended up spending more time watching than doing photography after the first hour or so because I ended up in some interesting conversations.

Anyway, I walked to the northern end of the fair to start, which stretched about a mile down University Avenue crossing the main east-west thoroughfair of 45th Avenue. I walked up the sidewalk behind the vendors' booths watching people relax, setting up tents, discussing life, wake up, mind over kids, or simply contemplate the universe or the day. After I got a short ways into photographing I discovered this tasty treat.

Photo Space Photo Space Photo

Photo Well, those were my doughnuts, or at least six were, piping hot and suffice it to say, they didn't last all that long. You had a choice of icings and toppings (ok, only a few with sprinkles, but enough). I don't know what was more greasy, the doughnuts, my hand, or the bag (seen in the right photo). It propelled me onward. And while walking and munching I couldn't help noticing the surrounding buildings along the "Ave", as it's known, especially this window. Amazing where people will put life to cheer up their outlook on the world.

Photo Photo
And then there was this store window and this woman standing in front of another building. A the foreign movie store leaving, but why. Was it because of their upstairs neighbor and all those students during the classes? Were they there first and the bulding owner didn't connect the dots? Makes you wonder sometimes what people are thinking. What business will replace them with the upstairs neighbor? And I wonder how many people tried the drum classes or if she simply stood there all day waiting.

Photo Photo Photo
As for the people, the earlybirds who like the less crowded time to walk relatively unimpended, I noticed this gentleman and these two girls. The man was discussing politics with the folks from the Democratic Party booth. The two girls found the music booth and was playing with the gong. I'm only sorry I didn't find the right angle to get better photographs. Lessons for the next time.

Photo Photo
The last things that were interesting was this stool or table, either way, it's hard to find out if you would actually sit on it or what you would put on it. I think it's a table but watch setting things down, like a glass or cup. But it sure is stain resistant. The display was interesting for the colors.

And with that I put the cameras away and walked around and enjoyed the crowd and events.

My only question is during these street fairs and the crowded lanes, why do people, sometimes individuals but more often families or groups, stop in the middle of things? They're not looking at the booths but talking. I just don't get why they can't realize they're blocking the flow of humanity and step out of the way. But do they? No. As they say, "Go figure."

And with that our trust, dusty photographer was off for the day of errands, but you can see more on the second page of black and white photographs.

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