People and Friends

Many people go by in your life,
Some go through your life,
And a few stay in your life.

To those who have have been through my life, it was fun and interesting knowing you. To those who have stayed in my life, I can't say enough. I can only offer my photography and thoughts.

Quotes and Poems

To My Brother

I want to thank Greg for being my older brother, who passed away August 21, 1991 at the age of 47. I will always remember the day, because, as life would have it, it was the day I bought and drove home my new VW Syncro. The first trip was to the Seattle-Tacoma airport to fly to Kansas City for his funeral.

We weren't close early in our lives, he being 6 years older, but later in life we found common ground and in the times we talked, he always expressed the desire to stand on the beach and see the Pacific Ocean. And while I've lived near the Pacific Coast since 1969, he never did see the ocean. The second trip was to Westport to lay flowers from the service in the ocean. I named the van "Spirit" in his memory.

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