Oops and adventure

I've been using the camera for a number of trips, which you can see the galleries at and description of my adventures. The last week I discovered two things.

First, while photographing some glass on the walkway to the Tacoma Glass Museum I discovered you really have to keep your focus on the horizontal and/or vertical, otherwise you can a lot of tilted images. And yes, this is fixable in Photoshop, I like to get it right in the field. My goal is to get the images to compare the different results in Photoshop with reality. After three sets, I'm still trying.

Second, while working with my large format camera, I caught the neck strap on a leg of the tripod and the camera tipped over and fell about a foot on one corner. It now has it's first scrap, and few knicks, like a your first scratch on a new car. It's not noticable and I was lucky where it landed without breaking anything. It's tough, and I learned to be more careful with the strap.

And so that was the week that was walking around with the camera.

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